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  1. I went to explain, then saw the post covering it all
  2. Latest rumoirs i have read are that Euro Dates will be released this week and the tour will be visiting 12-13 cities, which doesnt sound much. Anyone else heard a rumour that there are to be no Scottish shows? I find that really hard to believe myself
  3. I see it doesnt ban Bots completely from buying tickets, only prevents them from bulk buying. I reckon they will find a way around this new law and nothing will actually change, in favour of the real fans
  4. I re-subscribed a few days ago. Whilst doing so, i found it farcical, that i was asked to choose between receiving last years gift, or 2018s gift, which they cant tell me what it is. What a joke!
  5. I too also ordered new album via u2.com. I ordered the Deluxe and vinyl copies. No mention of pre-sale access in any of the emails i have had. Just had an unrelated emial from u2.com, It mentions getting the songs download with pre order....but no reference to pre sale codes! Im expecting codes for up to 4 tickets (2 for pre=ordering the CD and 2 for the vinyl)
  6. Im in the UK. I pre-ordered the Deluxue CD AND Vinyl copies of SoE. Am i right in thinking that for every copy of the album ordered, it would give me a pre-sale code for up to 2 tickets? If so, that should mean i would be entitled to apply for up to 4 tickets in pre sale? There is so much confusion out there!!
  7. Glitch is fixed on UK link, as i just ordered the Vinyl and Deluxe CD versions and the order completed. BUT, someone else has just made a post elsewhere, about not being able to complete transaction. Not sure if she is in UK or not?
  8. I have alerted one of the mods, and he is looking into it.
  9. Seems like there is a glitch in the system then.
  10. I have alerted one of the mods. Wait to see if i hear back
  11. Yeah......im being taken on a wild goose chase....going round and round in circles. Its a complete shambles. Needs fixed ASAP! Are there any mods about?
  12. Today, i have mostly been feeling let down, after hearing Blackout.
  13. I woke early on the Sunday morning, to the news. Sad to see someone so young go like that, but, Unlike many...i wasnt a fan of her at all.
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