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  1. I went to explain, then saw the post covering it all
  2. Latest rumoirs i have read are that Euro Dates will be released this week and the tour will be visiting 12-13 cities, which doesnt sound much. Anyone else heard a rumour that there are to be no Scottish shows? I find that really hard to believe myself
  3. I see it doesnt ban Bots completely from buying tickets, only prevents them from bulk buying. I reckon they will find a way around this new law and nothing will actually change, in favour of the real fans
  4. I know of someone, via another u2 fan site, that still hasnt received his album. u2.com are aware of this and agreed to refund him his money, within 5 working days. Needless to say, he has not seen the refund yet. Im starting to wonder, if it is a bunch of Chimpanzees who are running the show on behalf of u2?? They seem to make a pigs ear of EVERYTHING they do
  5. I re-subscribed a few days ago. Whilst doing so, i found it farcical, that i was asked to choose between receiving last years gift, or 2018s gift, which they cant tell me what it is. What a joke!
  6. My order said it was shipped on 30th Nov also. It didnt stipulate what exactly was shipped. Thus far, i have only received half my order
  7. This is where it gets confusing. I ordered the Deluxe CD AND the Vinyl. Only the CD has arrived. No word if the Vinyl has shipped. So if its not been shipped, they can issue a refund immediately..
  8. Thanks ascender. I did actually send them an email, stating i wanted my money for the vinyl refunded, as is my right. Lets see how well this goes. Being u2.con....i fully expect them to make a pigs ear of it!
  9. I tried dialling the number, as shown on contact page, but my phone says it cant connect the call. I NEVER call international so when it says to dial +1 (and then the resot of the number) im not actually sure if your meant to include the number 1. But i tried calling every which way, but it wont connect me. Any ideas? I want to cancel the rest of the order and get refunded
  10. Day 5 now and still no sign of the Vinyl. Can anyone tell me the contact number for the u2 store, if calling from the UK? I want to cancel the order, which im well within my rights to do.
  11. I feel i was mislead into buying the album. I thought by pre-ordering the album, it would mean i would at least, receive the album on the day of release. Its now 4 days since release and no sign of my vinyl
  12. The money should not be taken from peoples accounts until the items are ready to ship. They have my money....i have nothing!
  13. Still waiting for my Vinyl copy of the album. Lesson learnt....DONT ORDER THROUGH U2,com
  14. Ive received HALF of my order. Deluxe CD arrived this morning
  15. That is crazy. I knew it would be well beyond the realms of possibility, for the albums to arrive on time, considering who was running the show. Ah well....tis a waiting game now i guess.
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