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  1. BE_U2

    U2 Tampa 2009

    Ground level views of U2 Tampa 2009
  2. It is not music by me. I will edit the post so it says that. Thanks 123love.
  3. Thanks 123love. I used my imagination and could see it as a quiet piece used for drama in concert when they want to build a quiet moment. All the parts of the song fit so well with U2 that I found it easy to imagine such a thing. At 1:45 is a little synth solo...that would be Adam on a bass solo moment.
  4. This is a simple cool love song that I think would be great for U2 to play some day. The drumming is like Larry's, the lyrics are ones that Bono could love, the synth sounds are like Edge and the synth solo is like Adam. It is not music by me but I like it and can imagine it in a U2 concert as a quiet moment song. What do you think? Tangram feat. Carole Nickerson - Seeing Me (demo)
  5. U2 leaves the stage after the Tampa 2009 concert.
  6. A subtle sillhoute shows Bono and guest sharing the stage.
  7. This is why Bono said "You got a pirate ship, we got a space ship!" at the Tampa concert, 2009. The claw totally dwarfed this giant pirate ship.
  8. The stage seems to reflect an unforgettable fire of U2 playing. Tampa 2009.
  9. The Edge and Adam share a few riffs with us. Tampa 2009.
  10. All fans on deck (including me snapping the pic) as Bono catches a wave at Tampa.
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