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  1. Tried to get GA tix at 10 am for L.A. The powers that be didn’t let that happen. For the rose bowl show last year this crap happened as well for us fans, and somehow the GA tix magically appeared an hour after they were supposed to. i was hoping that would be the case today but they never actually released any GA tix for Los Angeles for the innocence presale. i named my firstborn Bono. (I’m a fan). But man, what has happened to my heroes? I saw that they have tix for $300+ This is madness, and I fear that we the public have fed it. Anyway, give me my damn GA tickets and I’ll shut up.
  2. Oh man..is right. Good Luck tomorrow!!! Fingers crossed for you!!! Thank you!!!!!
  3. Oh man, I want them!!!!!!!!!! I'm in the wires group..... waaaaaaaaaaa
  4. I thought this was supposed to be a pair of two different shows Did anyone else get the feeling when they announced the tour, that they would be a pair of two distinct shows on separate nights? (I.e. Innocence and Experience). After watching the streams of the last two nights I feel like there wasn't enough of a difference between the two to call them distinct shows. Yes, they added 6 different songs, but the other 18 songs were repeats. Don't get me wrong, I loved every second of the show. I was amazed that I could watch it on my phone and am so grateful. U2 is the greatest band. I even named my firstborn Bono, but I had been so excited to experience the two separate nights. (Maybe one was supposed to be acoustic like the bonus track disc). I don't know. But I guess, my question is, was anyone else let down by this, or had I assumed wrongly when they made the tour announcement? Any input would be great! Thanks!
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