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  1. Why are you focusing on those shows specifically, just out of curiosity?
  2. Gotchya, so I take it nobody has received theirs yet...
  3. Did subscribers ever receive their gift? Mine never came in the mail. Are they still being mailed out? I wanted to receive the record instead of the book if that makes any difference.
  4. brabin

    Fan Meetup Denver

    Great thanks for the details. How did you hear about this? I'm just curious so I know where to check in the future...
  5. brabin

    Fan Meetup Denver

    I haven't heard about this, can you post a link here to the info?
  6. Everybody has an 'undroppable hit song'...which results in a greatest hits show which is what people complain about. Basically all the disgruntle is that U2 doesn't play a set list put together by some diehard fans. A set list of 'staring at the sun' 'kite' 'I threw a brick' etc would not sell well except for the people here in the zoo. U2 cannot support a tour on zootops alone...
  7. Is anybody intersted in doing a fan meetup before the shows each night? If there is some interest here, we can organize something!
  8. Though they aren't playing every song, they are playing 7ish of the new songs with some minor rotation...I think that is pretty good. Lots of older artists play only 1 song off a new album and then the rest is old hits. So by many other bands standards, U2 is doing a great job.
  9. I think maybe you are talking about the U2start.com shirts. Look in their website. Yep, you are exactly right. Ordered my shirt already. Thanks for the point in the right direction.
  10. I saw several people with 'california, there is no end to love' shirts at the two phoenix shows. Does anybody know where to buy them? They aren't showing up in the on line store for me. Can somebody please post a link if they see it in the store? Thanks!
  11. check the flash seats website. There are decent amount of GA tix available at close to face value.
  12. brabin

    Sat tix

    check out the flash seats website....I know you are looking to pay face, but there are some GA tix not too far above face value for sale and you get the piece of mind knowing you already have your tix.
  13. My opinion is the best spot is against the red zone rails (from the GA side). You are close enough to see all the expressions on the band's face as the play/sing but far enough to enjoy the visuals. Thats just my opinion, best of both worlds.
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