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  1. I agree, the situation was different, but the technical solution is basically the same: add the appropriate presale codes back into the validation table so they may be used again. I understand we all need to wait and see what, if any, accommodation might be made for Singapore2 presale, but I hope Live Nation/the band continue to strive to improve the technical side of the buying process (it has dramatically improved over these past 3 tours! THANK YOU) so that fans don't get stuck out in the cold due to the strategy employed when deciding to add shows. Thanks for all you do, Mods. I
  2. EXACTLY. I know this isn't a simple solution, and poses a few technical challenges, but it's very disappointing that fan club presale members are getting hosed. We literally have NO CHANCE to buy presale tickets to multiple shows in Singapore. I've used 1/4 and would love to see the second show - especially given all the costs of flight & accommodation.
  3. I logged into the "/tour" page about 45 minutes before tickets went on sale, clicked the [Red Hill] button and got put in the holding screen (pre-queue). After flipping into the queue (PROMPTLY at 10 am local Singapore time), took about 4 minutes in the official queue until I was let in to buy tickets. Good luck!
  4. You both make great points & I'm definitely sensitive to the issues. I don't see many shows each tour (1-2 is normal) but as the Lads get towards less-frequent touring I'm putting a lot more effort to go see "special shows" like NYC and Dublin on the last tour. Singapore is the only show on this tour I'm going to mainly b/c of costs. But I know it will be a special show for everyone there. I'm a 6'2" (1.9m) dude that blocks a lot of view behind me so I'm always sensitive to those around me. Whatever happens at the venue is beyond most people's control, so I'm just going to enjoy whate
  5. I get that it's way too early to know, just highlighting the issue. As for queueing...yep - waited all day outside in Honolulu in 2006 for Vertigo. It's worth it every time & you meet lots of new friends and see old ones! Makes for good stories LOL
  6. Wanted to highlight a question/concern to the Mods about the Singapore show: I was one of the people that managed to purchase GA tickets about 30 hours early (on Sat 15 June - the ticket and the transaction were cancelled shortly thereafter). But the potential issue I wanted to highlight is that on the GA ticket from 15 June (bought early & cancelled after) the Gate listed for entry is Gate 9. However, the GA ticket bought during the Red Hills presale today (Sun), 16 June, lists Gate 15 for entry. If National Stadium is planning on admitting GA ticket holders through multiple gates
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