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  1. i got VIP Red Zone in both Vancouver and Pasadena. i haven't' done RZ in years, but really can't dedicate the time to the GA line this year. any idea what comes with this aside from a souvenir ticket?
  2. i have one ticket, Section 128, Row 12, available for May 26th. I was able to get GA for that night, so i don't need the seat. It's available for the face value of the ticket which is $312. It's a hard copy ticket, not a print at home. If anyone lives in the LA area I can meet you if you're interested in buying the ticket.
  3. how much are the Paris tickers are what are the collectors tickets? Just hard copy tickets?
  4. Anyone know how much the ticket range is for Paris? Any idea if general admission is still available? Thank you in advance
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