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  1. Loved the interview - the band sound on really good form. You lucky people n Chicago - enjoy!
  2. Kristaps wrote: Yet, I must admit that I would have liked them to finish with "White as Snow" or "Cedars".... Good point - hadn't thought about those as alternatives (White as Snow is very 'in your face' Christian though, isn't it ? (and Iwrite that as a christian) - maybe they thought more oblique spiritual one better?) Cedars is semi-spoken and although I quite like it, I think MofS worksbetter as an end-of-show number
  3. Just wanted to add an interesting bit to the footprint thing. I'm in the UK & went to 2 shows - one in my own hometown of London (using publictransport), plus one a longish carbon-emitting car-drive away in Cardiff.I heard Bono on a Radio 1 interview a week or so ago, talking about the off-set thing.He mentioned that in fact the vast majority of the total carbon footprint for the tour comes NOT from the transporting of the stage, etc, etc - but in factfrom the travelling (etc) of the 1,000s of fans to each show (he didn't say this in a critical way, just a rueful fact of life - this is wh
  4. I saw the Wembley show on 14th an Cardiff show on 22nd Aug. I am also more of a fan of the new album, No Line on the Horizon, than many seem to be and Ialready liked Moment of Surrender before hearing it live. I think it's totally logical that the guys would want to finish the show with a song from the newalbum (top and tailing if you will). I also really like the song for its own sake, particularly its spiritual subtext (in the same vein as Yahweh and 40) I've seen others bemoaning the lower energy of this as a final song - but it's quite a traditional way to shape a show - not ending on th
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