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  1. I felt a rush of excitement today as I realised it's one week 'til London night #1!
  2. That was quick...The Fly has already made its way to YouTube! Bit ropey because it was the first time they've played it in 7 years obviously, and hearing it without Bono's guitar might take some getting used to, but still, great to have it back!
  3. "Thank you for making a Monday night feel like New Year's Eve!"
  4. The new synths at the start of New Year's Day sound like an engine powering up.
  5. Willie Williams has confirmed they'll be filming Berlin, and the reason the band swapped in all the old cuts was because they didn't want any part of the DVD to be the same as the I&E DVD. I just want them to play The Unforgettable Fire again at some point, that one performance in Copenhagen was excellent...
  6. "When the truth is complex, it's a great time to be MacPhisto. Don't you agree?"
  7. "And we know that the truth is not far from here."
  8. The ultimate horror movie to watch this Halloween...a forum of U2 fans desperately tries to survive without a live feed for U2's show in Milan...
  9. "I know it's only rock n roll, but I like, like it, yes I do!"
  10. "Daddy's gonna pay for your crashed car...UNO! DOS! TRES! CATORCE!"
  11. "Can't sing, but I got soul The goal is elevation!"
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