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  1. If Chris is on the album... Fortunately it's being reported by The Sun, so I can take it with a pinch of salt.
  2. Well if Danger Mouse is producing it should be much more interesting than ATYCLB. Check out his work with The Black Keys and Gorillaz and you'll know what I mean.
  3. Aaaaaand NME has jumped the fact that Chris Martin was in there with them to suggest he'll be on the new album.
  4. This is all sounding promising. I expect an album announcement within the next few months! (I just hope it isn't August cos chances are I'll miss it as I'm on a sailing holiday in Stockholm for a fortnight and then the week after I come back I'm at Reading Festival for the weekend)
  5. If anyone wants the link utwothefly mentioned, it's here. Translation into English is a bit rough, but you should get the general gist. http://www.u2valencia.com/web/noticias-u2/u2-confirma-nuevo-disco-a-universal
  6. This is all good news...except for the Chris Martin bit So apparently that video shoot was Sunday Bloody Sunday acoustic...does that mean that was the first public performance by U2 in almost 2 years?
  7. The idea was actually 6 cities, and 6 gigs in each.
  8. Not since the War tour, and they were a lot smaller back then. Wouldnt mind them copying The War Tour venues... · 1983-02-26 - Dundee, Scotland - Caird Hall · 1983-02-27 - Aberdeen, Scotland - Capitol Theater · 1983-02-28 - Edinburgh, Scotland - Playhouse Theater · 1983-03-01 - Newcastle, England - Newcastle City Hall · 1983-03-02 - Lancaster, England - Lancaster University · 1983-03-03 - Liverpool, England - Royal Court Theater · 1983-03-04 - Hanley, England - Victoria Hall · 1983-03-06 - Portsmouth, England - Guildhall · 1983-03-07 - Bristol, England - Colston Hall · 1983-03-08 - Exeter, England - University · 1983-03-09 - Poole, England - Arts Centre · 1983-03-10 - Birmingham, England - Odeon · 1983-03-11 - Cardiff, Wales - St. David's Hall · 1983-03-13 - Brighton, England - Top Rank · 1983-03-14 - London, England - Hammersmith Odeon · 1983-03-15 - Ipswich, England - Gaumont Theatre · 1983-03-17 - Sheffield, England - City Hall · 1983-03-18 - Leeds, England - Leeds University · 1983-03-19 - Manchester, England - Apollo Theater · 1983-03-20 - Derby, England - Assembly Rooms · 1983-03-21 - London, England - Hammersmith Odeon · 1983-03-22 - London, England - Hammersmith Odeon · 1983-03-24 - Glasgow, Scotland - Tiffany's · 1983-03-25 - Liverpool, England - Royal Court Theater · 1983-03-26 - Newcastle, England - Newcastle City Hall · 1983-03-27 - Birmingham, England - Odeon · 1983-03-28 - Nottingham, England - Royal Centre · 1983-03-29 - London, England - Hammersmith Palais · 1983-04-03 - Bourges, France - Festival De Printemps Hardly a day off in the whole of that month! At U2's age, that'd be overdoing it! They're not young anymore like they were back then!
  9. Not since the War tour, and they were a lot smaller back then.
  10. idk why you hate this idea, but bonos voice not holding up is important. 6 nights in a row? how could his voice handle that? It is important. 6 nights in a row would probably put a strain on Bono - he's getting on a bit and his voice isn't what it used to be. 6 nights in a row is hardly going to do it any good. But that said, if it was 6 nights in 6 cities, why would they have to be consecutive. I'm not too sure whether this '6 nights in 6 cities' thing is a good idea either. I mean, to put it bluntly...what's the point? Why do 6 different-sized gigs in 6 cities and then do the world tour the year after? Why not just include said 6 cities in the world tour?
  11. I have a sneaky suspicion you'd have to try out all three In that case I'd better start saving, and get a job!
  12. That'd be a weird one. If it's three different sized gigs, then I'm not sure which one I'd go to!
  13. YES! Two absolute legends!
  14. [quote name='Anjana wrote: peterferris8']My turn tomorrow! I'll be 17! Old enough to start learning to drive, scary thought... slightly belated Happy birthday Peter , sooo are you gonna start taking driving lessons? it was mine a few days ago but I've probably been driving since you were born lol old old old... Probably. When my band needs to get to a gig, someone's got to drive the van!
  15. My turn tomorrow! I'll be 17! Old enough to start learning to drive, scary thought...
  16. Taken at the O2 Arena on October 30. Sorry for the blurriness.
  17. Photos from my road trip across Europe in summer 2011
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