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  1. Hey Y'all! Coming back to Omaha for the first time in 14 years! I have been twice before and I got nothing but for love for Omaha and the state of Nebraska! Flying in from the east coast solo, and getting together with some Nebraska friends whom I've met over the years. Back here in New England, we always hit the Harp in Boston before and after U2 gigs. They always throw U2 pre and post parties, playing non-stop U2 music and often times having U2 cover bands play. Looking for that very place in Omaha. Any suggestions and info regarding places that would have U2 pre and post parties, please let
  2. Interested to know why there is a 2 day layoff between gigs? The play Friday night and then 2 days off before playing Monday night. More nights to be added perhaps? Thanks for any info on this.
  3. Hey Y'all! In years past, certain bars such as the Harp in Boston would have a pre-party going on all day leading up to the show. Has anyone heard of any such pre-parties going on over the coarse of the entire weekend? Looking for a place to hang with some U2 family and jam to some U2 tunes in the greater Boston/Foxborough area Fri, Sat, and of coarse on Sunday. Any info would be greatly appreciated! See you at the show!
  4. GA's preferably but I will take anything I can get. Love and peace y'all! Thank you! [MOD EDIT: NO PHONES. Please use the PMs. Thanks]
  5. Thank you in advance if you can be of any assistance.. Long live U2!!!! Gofferman
  6. I had section loge19 and I noticed this a week ago as well. I called ticketmaster to make them aware of this and they basically said 'We're sorry but sometimes things like this happen'. They did offer to upgrade but when they checked, there was no other tickets to be had because it was sold out. Gofferman
  7. I'm interested my friend. Is it still available? Thank you in advance.
  8. Hey ya'll. I need a pair for the last two shows in Boston on Tues and Wed night. I do appreciate it!
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