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  1. Couldn't agree more, the U2 mafia are a self entitled bunch of ....... and they treated local.fans like absolute ....
  2. Agree 100% regards the self serving U2 mafia who 'ran' these lines. It's a shame Justin and other U2 security support them. Although Seoul entry with numbered tickets was beyond ridiculous and dangerous. U2 security coukd have coached the Korean stadium in how to manage as with Tokyo culturallythere was an expectation people would get into numbered order not taking into account the mixed nation crowd.
  3. I bought VIP for both Tokyo 2 and Seoul... picks pack in Tokyo. Nothing in Seoul. If I had known there was no gift (seat only nothing else VIP about it) I would have got a VIP ticket in Australia I add my name to any petition for a release if the red LP. These are being sold for minimum $850 on eBay šŸ˜¢
  4. Melbourne GA is an embaressnent to U2 fans ... the sooner this stops the better. Some of the behaviour of these self appointed Q admin is disgusting
  5. Hey does anyone have any more information regards SS tickets yet. I thought I had bought a GA but just checked and I bought SS... must be going senile as don't remember why I chose that one lol thanks
  6. Hi Iā€™m in Perth Australia but am keen to go to Seoul and Japan...any idea or links to where presales are or where I can sign up...would like GAs in Aust...got first group code yay but had planned a South Korea/Japan holiday later this eR soooooo excited to see them there...first saw the boys Sept 24/1984 Perth...bought my sister a ticket for her birthday and last in LA for i&e. Love U2 and U2 fans even more...and I did the Walk On 3 times for 360 tour...what a high that was
  7. I agree for instance U2br and Amp were taken on stage at least twice...why take people up more than once when there are so many uber fans...I am in Australia and flew over for 2 vancouver and 2 la concerts and amp was onstage at 2 of these...I almost booed the second concert. Other fans should be given the opportunity.And hope they come to Australia
  8. Been to Vancouver 1 and 2 (GA & VIP) and LA 3 and 4 (seated and GA)...tonight's GA was the best...great crowd and band had energy. Thanks to the GA guys in the morning and all the GA peeps. Whoever threw that drink at the stage at the end...hope someone saw them and they suffered some consequence. Awesome night. And the dancing lady with the breasts...you %#^ing rocked the house!
  9. Pick me pick me...flown from Australia and bought a seated ticket at 4am last December when they went on sale but my iPad did not deal well with the recaptha and missed out on the GA I got with my fan club code so would love a GA for Saturday
  10. Hey I am interested...I have a seated ticket that I will get my friend to use but ama GA person...doing GA on the Sunday thanks to another person but have travelled from Australia(first saw U2 in 1984) so more GA the better for me
  11. There was one drawn from a raffle for VIP ticket holders .. A few other prizes too but I won nothing
  12. vip book...buffet and drinks before show...no after party
  13. I am 6'3, over 300 pounds....I would have loved to have had him push me.
  14. a guy nearby ended up pushing him back and not sure if he said anything to him but he was not happy with him and a securty guy stood in front of him towards the end and also got him and his friends to take down their banner but no i was so buggered and was crying just being there so couldnt have dealt with anything further - normally i wouldnt put up with this - and i did shout at him that after 31 years of U2 gigs he was the first a&^hole I had met...I was just standing there and he would take a few steps back and bend down and do the push his ass in my crotch manouvre and pushed back really hard when he already had heaps of space...like with his feet apart almost a metre back from the fence and then put his arms against the fence and push back and when I didnt move (as I hadnt moved - he had) he threatened to punch me and stood really heavy on my feet and was aggrsive to others ...he was like 6 feet tall and I am like 5 feet tall... just so unecessary when there was room for everyone and people right behind and beside me and then he would give a big heave and push me into people ....everyone else round were great though. No GA tonight for me though - fist time seated at a U2 gig. ANd I am a GA veteran so I know what acceptable behaviour is...taken my nieces when they were 11 and 12 to a gig in Melbourne Australia as well as when I had 2 broken legs went in my wheel chair but ended up using my crutches...anyway glad to be there - I didnt make the GA q as had travelled from Australia and arrived at like 1am after more than 30 hours travelling so slept for a few hours before heading down. Was Joe number 1? seen him at a few gigs over the years ... although my first U2 gig was 1984
  15. thanks yeah been going to concerts for a few years now...first U2 gig was 31 years ago so someone pushing violently back against people especially females and being a complete rude &^%*($ is so not U2...I have met some great friends through U2 GA and this guy is not worthy of being a fan. If anyone knows him (as he had been in the GA line) let him know that pushing against people when you have the fence is so not on...and then threatening to punch people who are half your size does not make you a big man.But other than that GA was great-another lovely lady and her son let an 11 year old onto the fence and I was surrounded by other nice people - shame this guy was there with his 'i lined up and no one is getting near my 1.5 metre squae real estate' attitude. Mate I have been in GA before and queued for days...been on stage 3 times with One/Amnesty and you had plenty of room so leaning back into people is not a way to have fun (especially for the people trying to enjoy themsleves) and holding up a banner to obscure views of eople who have travelled from Australia Germeny etc...you have no more right to see or be there than the next person and hopefully next time you pick on someone in the crowd they will have a boyfriend or not be a 5 foot tall female and give you a bit of your own medicine (sorry everyone but I travelled across a few continents and almost 2 days to be there last night and nearly fainted before they started so to have someones ass pushed into my crotch and be threatened is not on)...update I did LA 3 seated (drunk VIPs surrounding made it not so great) but LA 4 GA with some brilliant new friends and was the best of the 4 concerts I have seen so far this tour
  16. GA was good...i was near the steps that came down for Cedarwood Road. either end would have been good but GA was good....except for Mr number 6 in the GA line...he was the worst U2 fan I have ever met in 31 years of going to U2 gigs. Pushing against people and threatening to punch people. Really unnecessary behaviour...he was wearing a green shirt with U2 Hewson on the back...if you know him tell he is a @^%#&(*&
  17. GA last night....section 118 row 1 tonight... first time ever seated but VIP ticket so will be different
  18. Hey cominf rom Australia...missing out on GA when my ipad went crazy during the captha thing on ticketmaster...was traumatizing...if you have or hear of a reasonably priced GA ... please email removed please use PM - mods
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