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  1. Send a contact for an exchange of the dvd ,received mail that they contact me within 12 hours. but no news, someone can help me? Send 3 messages in ´contact us’
  2. hi received mine but there is a problem during vertigo, what can we do? is there an exchange of this wrong dvd?
  3. Nothing received mail on 31/10 but Nothing? hope Monday if not, Someone will help me? my other french friends got it all!!!
  4. No it says a spécial music gift before the end of the year if you resubcribe before november. u2.com burglars?????
  5. What is the gift for subscriber before the end of year for whose resubscribe before the end of the year?
  6. Good book but cds will be better for next gift...
  7. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not a Vynil it's impossible F*** vinyl format. What are you doing U2 and what for Cd format, Wide Awake in Europe and now Ordinary Love and Breathe. It's a shame!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do a Cd now or Bye bye!!!! U2 you are terribly wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. When u2.COM team will send The ground up music edition? this is this month and i need a date!! hope you not send it an other month!!!!!!!!!!!answer me!!!
  9. [quote name='Sunflower1mdp wrote: utwothefly wrote: Sunflower1mdp']My subscription doesn't expire for a few months.....I really can't resubscribe right now. Of course I am concerned about waiting that long and that the new gift could sell out but maybe I'm just worrying for no reason. =/ The new gift won't sell out. If you want the bundle then the zoo tv cd might do!. Oh I already have the Zoo TV gift. It's one of my faves. Thanks though...I tend to worry too much, lol. Zoo2live ONE OF YOUR FAVE? do you think the sound is good? i think it's near poor!
  10. [quote name='gary-paul wrote: utwothefly']Instead of having 'while stocks last' for the zoo cd, they should have done it so when it ran out you can't buy it! and then sell the $75 package at a reduced rate. There's going to be a lot of annoyed people that expect to get it and don't while still paying full price. Also the last 2 fan club cd's i've had to wait ages... way after everyone has got their's and i have to complain to the HELP tab to actually get it!. I went for the $75 bundle and i'll be gutted if i don't get the zoo cd. I Agree... though (my opinion) I think LN are just sticking ''While Stocks Last'' on to create a rush for that offer - Im sure anyone who opts for this will get the ZOO TV cd - I did and getting the ZOO cd is the only reason why I went for the more expensive option (I have U22 & From The Ground Up) And if I don't get what I paid for..... Well, that's another topic I hope I won't have to get into... and you don't have the cd of this (from the ground)
  11. IT's strange to not have a mail in order to wait or to saywhat is the problem with this new package!!!!! u2.com is dead?
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