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  1. Correct. I used the code for the Red Hill Sydney 1, Adelaide and Sydney 2 shows. Only 3 tickets purchased on one code so I should have a 4th available to me. I used the pre-sale link on U2.com for each one. Honestly, I was asking more to help others out in case it happens to them. I'm definitely not in need for a fourth ticket so it's OK. 

  2. Quick question for the Mods. I bought one Red Zone for Sydney #1, one Red Zone for Sydney #2 and one GA for Adelaide. - 3 tickets total on my pre-sale code. I'm not looking to purchase any more tickets but shouldn't I have one left? I just went in to see if any more Red Zone were available and it said "entitlements exhausted" as if I had used all four. Just thought this was odd. As I mentioned, I don't need another ticket but if this happens to others that would be a real bummer if they, like me, had only purchased 3 tickets. Thanks!

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