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  1. The math /stats would be very interesting and might provide some perspective. I also “received the initial email on Monday night indicating a code would be sent then two hours later a followup email saying "never mind, no code for you" with absolutely no explanation” (panic ensued!) And did today receive my Experience code. But the prices turned out to really be more of an issue. I would have liked GA, but they re weren’t available. I just can’t justify spending $650+ for one show no matter how much we love U2. Id rather spend that same amount on flying home twice extra to see my family. So I chose the nosebleed seats - I will still enjoy the show, hearing the music is what counts. But it is disappointing. In any case I really believe they had the best intentions with this process, but that isn’t always enough. Clear communication with the fans and fully think thru the possible outcomes in the future is needed.
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