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  1. Such bad luck, sending good thoughts for a quick and total recovery.
  2. "I see you already own the U2.com Special Edition U2 Can Do No Wrong Glasses that they give out with a membership, so we'll put them back on the shelf for the next person." Miaooowwwwwwwwwww! How very cynical. I actually think he has a point, and really, when it comes down to it, doesn't everyone who has been a fan of U2 for eons know to take their schedules with a grain of salt? I'm happy to wait if it means getting a decent album. I am bloody tired of the incessant moaning on here. Justified in some respects or not, time to get over it.
  3. Writing a wishful thinking setlist is way too hard and I think it depends very much on the new material. It's going to be very odd, but really exciting, if they do end up playing unreleased songs on the tour.
  4. I first heard U2 when my older brother played Joshua Tree on an endless loop when it was first released. I was just a kid, maybe seven or eight, then I really got into them in my own right when they released Achtung Baby. I can remember buying that then raiding my brother's collection for the back catalogue and being in U2 nirvana.
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