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  1. Craving Zoo-era madness on the wall, Experience indeed. Fly, Wire, highs and lows. Perfect snippets to weave into I and E? Marianne Faithful's "Broken English" Pulled Up by Talking Heads, Hangin' on the Telephone - Blondie **Sister has 2 extra seats for NY4, need to get these to those who want great seats.**
  2. ATTS

    1-2-3 GA 23th NY4

    What is face value?
  3. NY Tickets are hard copies. Have 2 great seats available.
  4. Reports from Boston are that Mayor is off to Ireland, he and others are lobbying for the band to play Fenway (100 year old baseball park in the city), likely for the convenience for business folk, the publicity, and "tourism" bump the city will get as everyone consults the tour list repeatedly. Having seen a concert there, I so hope they pass -- even if it's more seats than the Garden and outdoors. We were led to believe that the next tour would include arenas, and be at least that intimate with some sort of Audio Video design that would leverage a venue smaller than a stadium. Gr
  5. Easter eggs within this zoo aplhabet? Crack the code!
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