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  1. Craving Zoo-era madness on the wall, Experience indeed. Fly, Wire, highs and lows. Perfect snippets to weave into I and E? Marianne Faithful's "Broken English" Pulled Up by Talking Heads, Hangin' on the Telephone - Blondie **Sister has 2 extra seats for NY4, need to get these to those who want great seats.**
  2. ATTS

    1-2-3 GA 23th NY4

    What is face value?
  3. NY Tickets are hard copies. Have 2 great seats available.
  4. Reports from Boston are that Mayor is off to Ireland, he and others are lobbying for the band to play Fenway (100 year old baseball park in the city), likely for the convenience for business folk, the publicity, and "tourism" bump the city will get as everyone consults the tour list repeatedly. Having seen a concert there, I so hope they pass -- even if it's more seats than the Garden and outdoors. We were led to believe that the next tour would include arenas, and be at least that intimate with some sort of Audio Video design that would leverage a venue smaller than a stadium. Gr
  5. I'm a transplanted NewYorker, and wondering how the band (who each bought a home in this area) could miss the show to benefit the Robin Hood Fund. NJ/NY embraced these guys (and they us) from day one......
  6. (RED) is a great cause, these CDs have been largely good, but this hype was underwhelming, sorry.
  7. Oooh wee, deductive wishlist with help from http://www.u2gigs.com/360__Tour.html I tried to find 15, and acytually don't have the time. VERY likely to be the also rans in the fan vote for U22 (24 right with downloads and medleys) RELEASE THE ATYPICAL SONGS PLEASE
  8. Every 80's Heavy Metal band included a makeout ballad on every record, that got played at proms, hit radio, carpools, mtv, etc I know some people adore it, but just wish it would dry up and blow away like a tumble weed WoWu because it's slow motion baying at the moon, was played into the ground, and their cowboys playing the blues phase I can SO live with out this.
  9. Yes, back pains are indeed distractions, ugly, merciless, excrutiating, and lifelong muscular and nerve crushing burdens (Adam,Paul, and) I never ever post in this regard, but photo #2 looks like he crawled outta the bar, lost a fist fight or 3, and got tattooed, to boot. All respect to the physical commitment, but photo 1 looks to be a party alongside #2 several days later.
  10. Seems likely that U2 Corps dug through the tapes and selected the best version of 46+ songs for the U22 ballot. So 23+ are ready to go, I presume. They were ready to direct the unreleased songs to box sets, or Greatest Hits 2000-2010, Record Store Day, Deluxe NLOTH or another monetized offering. So, people, what do you predict?
  11. I had lost interest when they dressed up as cowboys and roamed the desert for JT/R&H EXCEPT the Hollywood Tonight remix of Desire which suggested what was on the horizon, namely colour, speed and less overt preaching. I'm starting a new thread, COLOR..... Note the colorful album covers take more chances: http://www.u2.com/discography
  12. Nice list, sequencing should be WAY different and familiar. Downloads still posible.............. WISHING the list had Unknown Caller HMTMKMKM Electrical Storm but really offers a smattering of all eras May there be a DVD, (please?) As bowieno quipped soon after the McList was offered "Mercy, North Star, Glastonbury, and Boy Falls from the Sky are disappointedly missing."
  13. wait and see a Sky Dwn extended DVD release down the road
  14. Great to see 30 countries and 40-odd tunes on the ballot....Forgetting that iTunes exists....Can you imagine KNOWING you'd get your U22?........mmeh, it's a (farfetched remote) possibility... Not so very long ago, one could visit a Tower, HMV, Virgin or aspiring indy like Newbury Comics, and burn your own CD from a computer kiosk, long before iTunes. SUPPORT WIKIPEDIA 1999 - "Sounds of Science" 42 tracks, Beastie Boys released a 2 CD best of (b-sides and rarities, too) and nota bene :"Customers could also purchase a custom version of the album from Grand Royal featuring the B-sides and
  15. QUOTED from elsewhere "Just for comparison, here's what's in Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon upcoming equivalent to the "UBER" set. Cost ? $127. DISC 1 – CD 1: The Dark Side Of The Moon digitally remastered by James Guthrie 2011 DISC 2 – CD 2: The Dark Side Of The Moon performed live at Wembley in 1974 (2011 Mix and previously unreleased) DISC 3 – DVD 1, ALL AUDIO: - The Dark Side Of The Moon, James Guthrie 2003 5.1 Surround Mix (previously released only on SACD) in standard resolution audio at 448 kbps - The Dark Side Of The Moon, Jame
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