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  1. Really, really hoping they add back in Red Flag Day Fri or Sat!
  2. He said he got through on his 7th try from when he first heard it start. Yet, other people say they have over a 2 minute lag between their car and the app, so sounds like it's really up in the air for each person. ?
  3. Interesting. It just played at 1:46 CST through the app. So that's either the second time and that's it for the day, or it plays at different times in different time zones. I wonder if they're only doing the call-in contest for people streaming in EST?
  4. I've interacted with a few people on Twitter who received email confirmations last night of their Apollo ticket offers from the U2.com contest, and from people who were direct messaged on Twitter, then also received follow-up email confirmations. So I'm guessing that all ticket offers have already gone out for both the U2.com contest and the Twitter/FB contest. They have 24 hours to confirm if they can make it, so there *could* be some who can't make it and those offers will go to someone else, but I can't imagine anyone turning down the tickets! A girl can hope, but my hope is sadly fading. Still, fun to read the elated responses from real fans who have been selected!
  5. I actually saw a tweet from someone earlier today that they called and won last night, and were using the app! He specifically said he was shocked, thinking he had no chance with the delay. But ... he was caller 10!
  6. Yes, please add a U2.com subscriber contest for Apollo tix, too!
  7. Count this as a huge beg for Little Things and Red Flag Day in Omaha!
  8. Are you flying to Dublin from Minnesota? Us, too!
  9. I'm wondering this, too. Why would we all get new codes if we can't use them?
  10. @bigwave Any info on why there is not new registration for the MSG3 show? For all other U.S. shows, you had to re-register every time they announced a new date. But this time: ??? Screenshot of old info (still up 1/29/18) is below. https://u2citi.ontouraccess.com/
  11. Hm, I DID use my original U2.com Experience password for Atlanta shows, I have not resubbed since, and I have a U2EIA code... not sure if it's new or not, because I no longer know what the old code was that I used. I'd love to use this new code, of course, but I don't want to use it only to have my ATL tickets get canceled?
  12. I'd like to take part in the Citi presale for MSG 3, but the Citi U2 presale page says registration has ended, and there is no info anywhere about how to register for THIS show. Has anyone else had luck trying to figure this out?! I assume my old code won't work for this show. Thanks!
  13. Hm, I'm in North America and have already used my presale code for a NA show. But I do show a U2IEA code. So is this a new code we all got, or is that just my old code still showing? I'm so confused.
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