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  1. Sorry Cwaard, I also have no chance to be in Dublin on the 24th... 28th is my day (actually all travel arrangements are done) sorry. The only trade I am available to do is my seats to standing on the 28th. Hope you can find a solution. I don't know if it helps but (as I saw in another thread you opened) a solution for you to have someone else getting your standing tickets is to cancel your credit card with your financial institution and give it to the people using its tickets. I really really really doubt that they will check if the card is active or not (actually it wouldn
  2. Hi people, I have two M section seats for dublin 4 and will be more than glad to swap them for 2 GAs on the same day (we can even get together to enter the venue together due to the GA limitations). private msg me if interested. see you all in Dublin kind regards Sérgio
  3. no luck on general sale (tried for hours)
  4. Hi all, been trying since 9:00 am to get tickets with no luck! I have a spare pair of GAs to Berlin 24th to trade or I'll just buy them but I need 2 tickets either to the 27th or the 28th shows in Dublin thank you kind regards Sérgio
  5. Hi all, I have 2 standing tickets for the 24th of september show in Berlin (innenraum, stehplatz) couldn't get a timely flight in, so will only be able to attend the 25th one. will sell them (140€ for the pair, face value) or trade them for a pair of tickets for the 28th of November show in Dublin (any fan with a spare code out there?) the tickets are mobile ones (will be sent to your mobile smartphone). thank you kind regards Se´rgio
  6. Hi, I have 2 Mobile GAs. if interested, private message me, they are yours for face value. regards Sérgio
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