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  1. When I talked to Ticketmaster at 10:30 EST for Bflo tickets...the guy actually tried my code on his computer...he got locked out of anything other than VIP and RZ as well...he said it wasn't browser related, but instead the code itself that was the problem. He tried to find a backdoor to tickets for me, but couldn't...told me talk to ask U2.com for a new code...I haven't gotten a response from them.
  2. I used my presale code (Red Hill) originally to buy two tickets to Philly. Tried all morning to get my final two for the new Bflo show. Would only allow me access to VIP packages. Talked to TM and the rep told me that my code only is valid for VIP. Doesn't make any sense...tried contacting U2.com, but they have not responded. So frustrated....after 30 years of traveling around the Northeast to see U2, they are finally back in my area and I can't get tix for under $300. Guess I 'll have to take my chances on Monday.
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