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  1. Oh this is very interesting indeed. Can we talk about it in PM? I send you the message right now to explain why
  2. Oh Gosh ! Even better ! How did you manage to get that chance ? The audience surely was not huge there
  3. Hi here is my craziest story. In 2009 i tried to get tickets for Croke Park gigs but it was soon sold out. I was so frustrated i went on fan forums to see if somebody might have an extra ticket he or she would like to sell. Of course nothing like that happened. But i found out about a rumor.it said Ticketmaster was keeping some extra tickets and was putting them for sale a few days after the general sell. I noticed it was not mentionned sold out on thé website but not available. So everyday i tried to get tickets. For about a week it didn't work but one day a ticket appeared and i could purchase it. I became crazy when i saw it, was shivering when i entered all the stuff to make the booking. A miracle! Then I booked a hotel in Dublin. It was almost a year before the gig so the price was ok. A year went bye and i arrived in Dublin for the 3 croker shows. I went to the hotel and... the guy told me there was no booking with my name ! I had the booking paper with me and he said there had been an informatical problem. All the hotel was full due to the shows. I almost started crying. I was supposed to stay 3 nights there. And it was my birthday time. I was on my own. I arrived the day of the first show and thought i would miss it because of all this shit but the hôtel guy was great. He took my luggage, told me to go to the show and come back, he would find a solution. I went to this marvellous gig and when i was back it told me i would stay in another hotel near the city centre. And I found myself in a big suit a room a kitchen a living room for 3 days for the price of a normal hôtel. Best birthday memory ever
  4. Hi everybody! Have some of you attended the Live Aid in 1985; the Sarajevo gig during the war in 1997 or the show in Chile when U2 made the Mothers of the Disappeared come on stage or any other shows that was somehow linked to History? If you were, can you tell about it? How was it? What did you feel? Can't wait reading your stories
  5. Oups sorry about the email address. I didn't know about the rule
  6. Hi everybody, I'm Claire Talgorn. I'm a french journalist and last year I did a book called "I will follow, U2 by its fans" that was published thanks to crowdfunding. Here's a link to the Facebook page if you want to know more about it >>> https://www.facebook.com/u2iwillfollowproject/ As many people asked me about how to get an exemplary of this book (but there are no more available), I decided to send it to a "real" publishing house... and it was interested. So I'm looking for new testimonials from U2 fans all over the world. For the first edition of the book, I gathered 40 testimonials from 11 countries (Indonesia, Spain, Switzerland, France, Australia, USA, India...). I'd like to gather more from more countries. If you're interested in this project, you may like to fullfill the following questionnary. 1 How long have you been listening to U2 music? (remember the first time you heard it, what you felt, tell) 2 How do you feel when you listen to their music? 3 What is the song that speaks to you the most and why? 4 To what do you attribute the longevity of the band? How has the group changed (for those who have been following it for a long time)? 5 What is the most extraordinary, unusual, funny, weird thing have you done or experienced because of your passion for U2? 6 How would you describe your relationship with this band? Have you ever met them, tell us. 7 Have you seen U2 live? If so, tell us your best live moment (where, when, feeling ...) 8 How many times have you attended a U2 show? (where, when, why?) 9 What do you like most about them? And what don't you like? 10 What is the word that best sums up the band? Please provide your name or nickname, your age, profession (if you want) and especially the city or country you live in. You can send your answers to PLEASE, NO EMAIL ADDRESSES. PLEASE USE PRIVATE MESSAGES FEATURE ON HERE V Don't hesitate to take part in this project wherever you are . I'm looking forward to reading your stories and feelings about the band. Thanks a lot Claire
  7. Hi everybody ! The project I will follow is about to end. A crowdfunding campaign has been launched a month ago to print the book. It's been successful enough to print some 60-70 copies. If you want a copie of this french-english book gathering testimonials from U2 fans all over the world (12 different countries), here is the link >>> www.ulule.com/iwillfollow-u2/ You got two days left if you want to order a copy ! Thank you very much to all the people who took part in this project, it was a real pleasure to read about your memories, feelings, stories... See you Claire
  8. Thank you very much! Don't hesitate to take part in it if you're interested or talk about it to people that should be interested. The book will be edited in french and english
  9. Hi everybody! A year ago, I posted a message here to ask for fans testimonials. The idea was to gather testimonials from the whole world and publish a book thanks to crowdfunding. Well, here we go ! The book "I will follow, U2 by its fans" is almost done (should be ready in March 2016), it will be written in french and in english, and we decided to launch the crowdfunding campaign to finance it. As I'm french, it's been launched on a french website named Ulule.com (it can be compared to IndieGogo in the USA). I, myself, supported several projects on this website, I know I can trust it. If you want to have a look online, here is the link >>> ulule.com/iwillfollow-u2/ There's also a Facebook page dedicated to the project >>> www.facebook.com/u2iwillfollowproject/?notif_t=page_fan 43 people from 12 different countries (France, Spain, Brazil, Indonesia, India, Australia, USA, Belgium, Switzerland, Peru, Sweden, Canada) have taken part in it and expressed their feelings about U2. The book will be about a hundred pages with a hundred pictures. If you want to finance the publishing, and be sent a copy of the book, you're welcome Please, talk about it around you, comment, share, like, ask questions so that we can reach a higher goal than the one we put in the first place. A big thank you to those who sent their testimonials. It was a real pleasure to read them. I hope you'll like the book to come. Keep on rockin' ! Claire
  10. Great! Of course, you don't have to give your real name. You can choose a nickname like you do on the internet. Please just tell the country you live in. Thank you very much!
  11. same here but my name isn't Lily Got it! thank you very much;)!
  12. Hello, Ola:)! Claro que puede participar. Con mucho gusto. Tiene que responder a un cuestonario Pensé que seria mejor traducir las preguntas en español. Puede responder en tu idioma. Aqui estan las preguntas : 1) Hace cuanto tiempo que escucha a U2? (recuerdas la primera vez que escuchaste una cancion del grupo, como te sentiste...) 2) Como te sientes cuando escuchas su musica? 3) Cual é la cancion que mas te gusta? Y porque? 4) A qué attribuye la longevidad de la banda? Como evoluciono? (para los fans que siguen-lo hace mucho tiempo) 5) Cual é la cosa mas sorprendente, divertida, inusual que usted ha hecho a causa de U2? 6) Como describiria su relacion con el grupo? Ya conoce a los miembros de la banda? 7) Has visto al U2 en concierto? Si es asi, dice su mejor momento de concierto (cuando, donde, sentimientos...) 8) Cuantas vezes has assistido a un concierto de U2? (donde, cuando, porque?) 9) Que te gusta mas en el grupo? Y que no te gusta? 10) Cual é la palabra que mas representa al grupo? 11) Por favor, danos tu nombre o tu apodo, y sobre todo el pais en el que vives. Muchas gracias. Espero que la traducion no es tan malo:)! Puede enviar este cuestionario por correo electronico : u2iwillfollowproject@gmail.com Viva Cuba! Hasta luego Claire
  13. Hello Hello! News from the project U2 : I will follow. We have now 35 testimonials from 11 countries (thank you Belgium and muchas gracias Peru!). The goal is 50 testimonials from at least 15 (20 would be great) different countries. You can still participate by answering the questionnary before the end of january. Please, don't hesitate! That's a great collective stuff;)! See you Claire
  14. Hi everybody and Happy New Year 2015 to you all! (it's gonna be great for sure:)!) Since tonight, the U2 : I will follow project has a Facebook page. You can follow this link www.facebook.com/u2iwillfollowproject/timeline and spread the word to your network Australia is the 9th country which has taken part in it (thank you so much Lily!). Still looking for (what I still haven't found héhé!) Germany, England, Ireland, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Portugal, Argentina, Peru, New Zealand, Morocco, Tunisia, Mali, Senegal....testimonials. To be continued... Claire
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