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  1. There were some available about 5 minutes ago. I don't know if they are now gone. I was lucky to get 2 GAs about 35 minutes into the presale.
  2. Keep trying, everyone. I was getting the "We were unable to process your request" message even after clearing cache and switching browsers so switched to my iPad. Finally got 2 GA tickets about 35 minutes into the presale after many, many times receiving the "Sorry. No tickets were found" message.
  3. Are you flying out of St. John's on Thursday afternoon? If so, we may see you at the airport. ;-). Shows 5 and 6 for me. Getting close now!
  4. Two of us are flying in from Newfoundland for the same shows. Can't wait!!
  5. eddy, the same thing happened to me. I called evenko and the tickets were not valid/bought! Thankfully they were able to provide me with two other ones.
  6. There are tickets still remaining for Montreal. Not good ones but there are tickets. Evenko had a bunch of problems with their website today. I thought I had tickets but the site crashed. It took me about an hour of phoning evenko to eventually find out the tickets were not valid. I did get some others though.
  7. Just purchased 2 GA tickets for Montreal, June 13th. Yahoo!
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