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  1. OK, thanks, Max! I'll check back in a few days...
  2. Two questions -- sorry if they have been asked/asnwered already, it's a long thread! I just connected my Tickemaster account and got the green SETUP COMPLETE message on my profile page. Now, I DID buy tickets to the JT tour, but that was in January 2017, and I THINK it was with my 2016 code (I'd resubscribed on July 2016). I then RENEWED my subscription in June of this year (2017) and my account page says my subscription is good through July 2018. Does this mean I'm OK to get codes for EI tour, or do I have to re-renew (even though I did it 4 months ago)? Also, if we're getting a copy of the album with every purchased ticket, is there a point to pre-ordering it? Do we know if that copy will be a physical CD? And will it be the regualr or Deluxe edition? Thanks!!
  3. The U2 T-shirt celebrating Amnesty International's 30th anniversary is now only $10! I picked one up at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego, and it's a very nice design and quality (made by EDUN). FYI, it's a fitted style and the label says some shrinkage will occur, so you might wanna order a size up. (I'm 5'10", 160lbs., usually wear a medium, and got a Large after trying it on.) https://rockshop.hardrock.com/Sale/Mens/product/HRO_YM_U2_Sig_Series_30_T_Navy/ Cheers!
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