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  1. redwoman34

    U2 JTT 2019@ Sydney.

    I love to travel so far to see my fav band and spend time with our U2 family.
  2. I want to wish my hero in life congratulations on his 60th birthday.❤10-05-1960" U2 helped me through a very difficult time in life.❤ Thanks to the power of the lyrics, their great music and the spiritual you can feel in their songs I was able to give it a place to the loss of my beautiful parents at the age of 20 Cheers to this wonderful man.❤🍸🍀#U2SlaneCastle#U2getherAtHome#Bono60.

    I ❤ U2@ Slane Castle, my favorite concert to watch❤

    thanks for giving us a great life❤

  3. Been to, paris 11 july 2009,to amsterdam 20 july 2009 and to dublin 25 july,that was really magnificent!! I hope they come to The netherlands and Ireland in 2010,I saved my presale code for that concert.
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