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  1. 64586 - Hello everyone! Laptop has a virus so I haven't been in. Using my friend's computer and hopefully will be up and running this weekend. Great news! As many of you know, I was in a serious car accident on June 19th. My mum has been in the hospital ever since and will be coming home this Sunday! I am very excited! She is an incredible, tough woman and is surprising everyone with her strength. They thought she would be in until the end of August, but she surprised everyone!!! She will be staying at my place for the first two weeks until her home is acccommodated for her wheelc
  2. Happy Birthday dear Sue!!!!! Have a beautiful day!!! xxx ooo
  3. Oh yes Barbara, had a great time with the girls! See my profile pic? That is the one I took of Bono. There is the larger one on the countdown thread, plus one of me and Dallas.
  4. 63351 - Great photo, thanks for sharing, Peru2!!!!
  5. 63351 - Great photo, thanks for sharing, Peru2!!!!
  6. 63349 - Oh yes, VERY happy!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. 63347 - My pleasure. It was soooo hot, I looked like crap.
  8. Feeling fabulous, still on a high from my week in NYC! Meeting Bono, seeing the Edge, meeting Dallas, the concert, my wonderful friends old and new, the Jersey boys, shopping, sightseeing, my birthday surprises!! The best time ever!!!!!!
  9. 63345 - Thanks Cam!!!! Here is Dallas!!!!
  10. 63343 - Bono and Edge were appearing on David Letterman. We tried to get tickets and hung around waiting. First we met Dallas, what a sweetheart he is (picture to follow). Then they put up barricades and we moved across the street. Edge came first, talking on his cellphone, and waved and went in. Bono came, then left, then came back in his black SUV. He came out and walked by everyone, shaking hands, saying he would come out after the show for pics and autographs. When he came to me he held out his hand and I grabbed it and he closed his it over mine and just held it for several seconds
  11. 63341 - All wrapped up with a giant red bow and fancy paper!!!!!!! I still can't believe it actually happened!!!!!!
  12. 63339 - Hello everyone, back from New York! The most amazing time ever and the best birthday gift!!!!
  13. 63123 - I will take either Bono or Edge 123, lol. I won't be drinking probably, still not feeling great after the car accident and I am on pain pills. Hi Maggie! Its been the worst weather here! I hate the heat, but its cold and rainy. I got an email from Air Canada, flight out in the morning may be delayed due to fog - in July, really, what the hell?????????? The weather in New York is very hot and muggy, I may melt off a few pounds in that weather so that is a good thing, lol. I am too excited and busy to get to bed. I am gonna get maybe 2 hours sleep, but I have a long flight
  14. Watching and listening to the 360 Rose Bowl DVD and getting so excited and tears in my eyes knowing that I will be seeing them in a few days!!!
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