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  1. Just to confirm.. SOLD. Payback is sweet Mark
  2. My brother has informed me that he cannot attend so I have one ticket for sale at face. Of course, you will have to meet me at the venue. I am driving down from San Jose and plan to be there before Noon. Any takers? Mark Schuler PS Payback for last tour and my GA ticket at cost
  3. Jason, I am interested in one of the tickets also. Please message me and I arrange everything with you. Mark
  4. Bossy22, I hate that you did not get close, that it was not a great experience. So much goes into each person attending a show having a good time. My 12 year old daughter couldn't get over the "lame" fans when I sat with her in the seats on Monday(they were making fun of ME dancing like an idiot when they chose to look up from their phones). At the same time, I was having an awesome time. My co-worker who attended the show Tuesday and sat upstairs in the rafters could not hear Bono. My point is this for everyone who goes to a show: focus on having the best time you can. Ignore all of the BS and enjoy. I am sure if you ask the band about the Red Zone, they would say it should be the best concert experience we can provide. To say the band " has forgotten what it is all about" is not accurate. That the bands charge what the tickets now cost in the aftermarket (StubHub, etc.) no longer pisses me off. Better the bands make the money than ticket brokers or non fans making money off the shows. (truth be known, I I spend my money where I want and get great seats (or GA). This year Rush and U2 got silly money from me, but Aerosmith, Van Halen and the Who did not. I will be at every show, having a great time.
  5. I did line up starting at 3pm and I was one of the first 6 people. Half of the people were Red Zone 1 and half were Red Zone 2. My brother and I were the second pair into Red Zone 1 (which was Adam's side for San Jose and Vancouver). There were 50, that sounds right. I know a few went straight to the general admission area initially. Everyone was very cool. saving places, etc. I am scheming just to see the tour one last time....I am going Sunday, May 31st to LA. Wish me luck a single ticket. Mark
  6. For San Jose (and probably most venues), the Red Zone was accessed by going through GA. Some Red Zone ticket holders chose to start in GA, but came back into the Red Zone. Having a view of the screen is an important part of this tour and the way the Red Zone is sectioned off allowed the best of both worlds. The Red Zone is much more spacious.
  7. First and foremost, I have been a fan since 1981, when I first heard Boy. My friend, still a friend to this day, described it as a mixture of Yes and Rush, both woefully inaccurate, but it got me to listen. My first show, at 19, was the Joshua Tree tour at the Cow Palace outside of San Francisco. I have purchased every album on release day and attended every tour. I can say two things about the Red Zone: First: I went Monday and had great seats, not Red Zone, but as good as it gets. The show is amazing, they are immaculate performers. I had seats dead center, just a few rows up and loved it. I saw the screen perfectly and loved every minute of it. My 12 year old daughter loved the show as well. Couldn't get better right? Wrong, Red Zone. I have attended more than 100 shows and I am just now realizing the best thing that you pay for with an expensive ticket is not just the view or the ease of restrooms and concessions, but the like minded people all around you. THAT is what makes a show great. Unless you are at the barrier, your impression of a show, like it or not, is influenced by your surrounding, by the PEOPLE sitting near you. Any moron texting, sitting or not singing or dancing is a problem. When they not only do that, but then choose to ridicule you for your behavior....I don't know what to say or how to react.F#@K them. Being among fans, singing, dancing, just generally freaking out, loving and ingesting EVERY second of a show, is why I know that live performance for me is my favorite way to appreciate music. The Red Zone provided that experience for me. They are ALL 100% dedicated fans and it was a joy to attend a show with them....that and we were on the barrier Second: Seeing a band like U2, it is easy to forget that they are musicians. Their shows are so theatrical, that you forget it is a musical performance. The Red Zone, for me, reminded me of that. My brother, a marginal fan, who attended the show with me, will NEVER miss another U2 show. They are incredibly gifted musicians, all among the best to ever perform live music. I am a Metal guy at heart and I will easily rank this show with any of the Van Halen, Aristocrats or Rush shows I have attended. They nailed it. Every song did not sound perfect because of over dubs, prerecorded pieces or some other trick, it was a four piece rock band, killing it. Electric Co., Bad, One....all such nuanced, brilliant songs. Take a moment this tour to appreciate them as musicians, not just for the songs they wrote, which are legendary, but for their musicianship. They are amazing. Songs like Cedarwood Road, Song for Someone and Every Breaking Wave are EASILY worthy of replacing ANY song they skipped from their catalog. Don't miss this tour. Oh, by the way, a 16 year old kid who attended the show with his Mom, was handed the set list over my shoulder because he sang louder than me on EVERY song, danced more than me on EVERY song and honestly deserved to be handed this treasure by the tour managers. He was 6 foot 3 and still agreed to stand behind me and I hate him for "taking MY prize", but he earned it. I was in the BEST spot at the barrier and could still see the screen (which is VERY important this tour) This happened to me in the Red Zone on the fourth night of this tour. The Red Zone is probably sold out this tour, so I may be preaching to the choir, but this want-to-be musician is now scheming a way to attend an LA show in any capacity. Attached are pictures of my view. Obviously, blue are the seats and red is the Red Zone. Mark Schuler markjschuler@gmail.com where you there? thoughts? I was the guy with the "Boys Play Rock n Roll" Vertigo shirt on.
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