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  1. Really hoping to see these shows with my older sister, who introduced me to the band when I was young. Not sure if this will work out, but it's worth a shot.


    I have 1 GA ticket for the 26th

    1 GA ticket for the 27th


    Willing to buy/trade/sell these if I can get what I want...1 GA ticket to the 18th and 1 GA ticket to the 19th shows, to see them with my older sister who turned me on to U2 when I was a kid. Haven't seen a show with her since Elevation 2001 in Boston.


    Sorry it's 2 separate nights, but maybe we could just work with one of those nights if you like. Basically, I'm open to all ideas, especially ones I haven't thought of!




    [MOD EDIT] PM here. (If you sell let me know. I might be interested.)


    Matt: Please do not add an email to your tickets offers - use only the PM system for this. thanks.

  2. Hi All, was wondering, after 8 shows now, if many people (mostly long time/real fans, not the casuals) have had to eat some tickets 'cause of friends bailing (for whatever reason)?? I realize it probably has a lot to do with how many shows are in a particular city, but looks like there are tons of available tix out there & not just from the scalpers. I am in Montreal, band here for 4 nights & there is an average of 800 resale tix available for each nights 1 & 2 , 450 resale tix for each nights 3 + 4 that also have regular tix for sale from Evenko (although vast majority the $300 tix + some i backstages). Chicago per night avg. 2,000, Toronto 1,500, Boston 1,500 etc etc.


    I bought 10 tix total (all $85 ones, so not expensive) thinking friends would scoop them up but for now I am still "stuck" with 2, 2 weeks away from show (I'm not a scalper, long time fan here).

    So, feedback/thoughts anyone??     

    would love to take those but can't make the montreal show. :(

  3. Cool thank you.  now what is the benefit.  I mean besides the charity which is great and I'm cool with the price, but I wondering because my wife is pretty short and wanted to stay away from GA for this reason, because last tour she couldn't see anything at all.  Thanks again!

    I am short and did the redzone for the last tour. I liked it better because there are a limited number of people in the redzone. 

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