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  1. I wish U2 would do what other performers are doing, and perform a song or two from their homes or studio. Sort of like Bono's performance of the new song recently, but scheduled live instead of shared after the fact. That and a little chatting about what they've been doing recently would be so awesome for their fans!  And if they took it as far as Ben Gibbard (Death Cab for Cutie) did, they could so several sessions.  Please consider, U2!

  2. I didn't buy a tour shirt at the venue this fall (Minneapolis) because I haven't used my membership coupon in U2.com yet, so thought there was no need to purchase a shirt at full price when I could get it at discount online. The trouble is, the images and descriptions of the 2017 North America tour shirts on U2.com have not been updated since Leg 1 of the JT2017 tour. (and the shirts I saw on sale at the venue had both the Leg 1 and Leg 3 North America dates on the back) Has anyone purchased a North America shirt on U2.com lately, and if so can you verify if they're selling the newe
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