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  1. Some of these shows were recorded in 4x3 format. HD is 16x9, so if they release it as 1080p, it will have black borders on the sides. It's alright and I am hopeful the upscale quality will be top notch.
  2. Good job U2, I just hope it stays on YT for a while. Not sure I will be able to watch all shows on the time slot they will give. Speaking of live shows, what is the deal in regards TJT tour? It's been quite a long time, don't understand what's holding releasing it to the public. Cheers
  3. What happened to the JTT video? I am surprised if hasn't been released yet. Maybe that should be the special gift. I am hoping U2 will release a 4k of the EI (outside of the Berlin one) and JT tours for the general public to purchase it.
  4. Sure, I get it but I doubt the final product would be crap. U2 always strive for the best people working on their gigs. What they often do is not releasing the material. I still don't understand why there isn't a TJT tour video released after this long. What are they waiting for? This pandemic times would be perfect since people are stuck at their homes.
  5. Well, seeing fan clips on YT of the show, they for sure had pro-gear filming it. I also don't think they were 360 cameras. I am hoping a video can come along. That would be awesome if they have that material sitting somewhere. Release to the fans even if the quality is not top notch.
  6. Hoping the video can later be part of the gift package as streaming bonus here on u2.com.
  7. Are they releasing only the songs or also the video of the Apollo event? I hope they will have both and the video as 4K just like they did with the Berlin show.
  8. Damn.... I purchased the CD. Thanks for the reply.
  9. Can you get a digital download of all tracks if you purchased the CD/Vinyl deluxe set?
  10. I am hoping this is the remastered hi-definition version. Please make it available on-demand after the livestream.
  11. Damn, You missed it then. It's a great song. That MDH album has 3 gems. Stateless, TGBHF, Never Let Me Go and Falling at your feet is a nice one too.
  12. This is a nice move by U2. I hope they revamp the whole video catalog for HD. Better yet 4K. most were filmed in 35mm, do the upconversion is possible. That’s the beauty of film. Again, congratulations for the nice move.
  13. As expected great design and packaging. Too bad not much new content. Give the fans real value.
  14. This is true, but again they could make this box interesting with a ATYCLB downloadable new concert from their site. No need to create the physical blu-ray that I agree the ones I have I already ripped into my computer. We all know U2 have all this content sitting on vaults but they are lazy to edit and release it. It's that extra effort that counts especially when they charge a pretty penny for it.
  15. But U2 feeds that machine. I get that the band is probably not involved on those decisions, but is it possible they have absolutely no clue at all? Couldn't they see this is an ongoing thing? Look at the lack of excitement content on U2.com. Finally this year they gave us the full E+I show but for a long time it was pretty weak membership gifts and absolutely nothing beyond that during the year.
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