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  1. Damn, You missed it then. It's a great song. That MDH album has 3 gems. Stateless, TGBHF, Never Let Me Go and Falling at your feet is a nice one too.
  2. This is a nice move by U2. I hope they revamp the whole video catalog for HD. Better yet 4K. most were filmed in 35mm, do the upconversion is possible. That’s the beauty of film. Again, congratulations for the nice move.
  3. As expected great design and packaging. Too bad not much new content. Give the fans real value.
  4. This is true, but again they could make this box interesting with a ATYCLB downloadable new concert from their site. No need to create the physical blu-ray that I agree the ones I have I already ripped into my computer. We all know U2 have all this content sitting on vaults but they are lazy to edit and release it. It's that extra effort that counts especially when they charge a pretty penny for it.
  5. But U2 feeds that machine. I get that the band is probably not involved on those decisions, but is it possible they have absolutely no clue at all? Couldn't they see this is an ongoing thing? Look at the lack of excitement content on U2.com. Finally this year they gave us the full E+I show but for a long time it was pretty weak membership gifts and absolutely nothing beyond that during the year.
  6. The only cool thing about those boxsets are the packaging, books and design (the presentation). The songs and videos usually are already out there and most hardcore U2 fans that are the main target of this products, own it. Again, a money grab. Give us real value with content from those secret vaults.
  7. Yeah, U2 does this often, repackaged old material to make money. I wish they put the effort to release tons of new material like live tracks, videos etc. All that stuff sitting on a dark warehouse collecting dust and cobwebs. I'll buy the super cd package because I'm a sucker for the design and presentation (I'm graphic designer) but wished it had more to it. My gut tells me the band is not very aware of the fan desires and this is the record industry attempt to extort more $ from the fan base. BTW, the acoustic version of "Stuck In A Moment" was offered as a single many years back on iTu
  8. I noticed U2.com is cheaper to buy this merchandise than Amazon and other retailers. I wonder why since in the past they were basically the same.
  9. U2 for some weird reason hold on all these rare recording or live tracks that are hard to get a hold to. They have everything in a vault, sitting somewhere in the dust. Why not release it to everyone and on top of making a boatload of $$$ in the process. This boxset like others in the past would be a great opportunity to do so. Another possibility is offering club members free downloads of live tour content on a quarterly basis. Why not? We are loyal and keep supporting the band all these years. Share it!
  10. The show I would really love to see again is U2 3D. Yes, I know it needs a special projection to see the 3D effects but you can release as standard 2D viewing using tech to "down convert" it. I loved watching it on IMAX, but never had a chance ever to see it again. That would be an awesome gift.
  11. I get it. Thanks for passing along these ideas. Lets hope it comes to fruition.
  12. Well, I hope you are right but honestly I am skeptical. I would think by now releasing unseen/unheard footage/audio would be a no brainer. Still a have a tiny bit of hope the moderators or someone associate with the band can read these forums and take some action.
  13. I actually would love to see U2 release live videos of concerts we have not seem and are store on their vaults. Bringing these already seem/sold videos doesn't do anything for me. U2 has a huge concert library of videos and audio that could be shared among club members. If editing videos takes too long or cost too much, then release the full audio of old tours. How difficult would that be? Talking about adding value to the membership. Now during the pandemic U2.com could very well release once a month one never seem/heard full concert of each tour, That would be awesome. We know they
  14. Please offer a download of the stream. If not 4K, at least 1080p. Thanks
  15. February is almost over, I wonder if U2.com will indeed keep their promise and mail it in February. 😀 It's amazing after all these years they can't get this right. If this site was as professional as U2, it would be a huge delight to fans. They should offer way more than they actually do.
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