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  1. The show I would really love to see again is U2 3D. Yes, I know it needs a special projection to see the 3D effects but you can release as standard 2D viewing using tech to "down convert" it. I loved watching it on IMAX, but never had a chance ever to see it again. That would be an awesome gift.
  2. I get it. Thanks for passing along these ideas. Lets hope it comes to fruition.
  3. Well, I hope you are right but honestly I am skeptical. I would think by now releasing unseen/unheard footage/audio would be a no brainer. Still a have a tiny bit of hope the moderators or someone associate with the band can read these forums and take some action.
  4. I actually would love to see U2 release live videos of concerts we have not seem and are store on their vaults. Bringing these already seem/sold videos doesn't do anything for me. U2 has a huge concert library of videos and audio that could be shared among club members. If editing videos takes too long or cost too much, then release the full audio of old tours. How difficult would that be? Talking about adding value to the membership. Now during the pandemic U2.com could very well release once a month one never seem/heard full concert of each tour, That would be awesome. We know they have it. They record every show. Please consider it!
  5. Please offer a download of the stream. If not 4K, at least 1080p. Thanks
  6. February is almost over, I wonder if U2.com will indeed keep their promise and mail it in February. 😀 It's amazing after all these years they can't get this right. If this site was as professional as U2, it would be a huge delight to fans. They should offer way more than they actually do.
  7. That will be great if it is true. I wish U2 released on Blu-Ray the U2 3D movie that as on IMAX few years back. It's shame we cannot find it anywhere. Luckily, I had the chance to watch it but only once. It was pretty cool.
  8. Not sure about releasing it on movie theaters. If I remember correctly, U2 was not super fond of Rattle & Hum released on theaters back then. I would not mind but I am not sure they will go that way. I hope the Blu-ray comes at the end of the year.
  9. It's crazy that after so many years, the subscription gift always has an issue to it. You would think the people who manage the site and club would have it figured out by now. From shipping delays to lame vinyl gifts, to no deliveries at all, this keeps happening every single year, I would expect the gifts would get better as the time goes by, especially in the years a tour is not on the works. A DVD release in 2020 is a joke. I get many people who don't have Blu-Ray, so release multiple options or at least give a video hi-definition download of the show alongside the DVD. They do that for the vinyl gifts with an mp3 download. Most people belong to u2.com due to the ticket pre-sales. The content the site provides is very weak and does not justify the annual membership. The gift has always been a nice perk that helps members deal with the cost. I am sure the band doesn't follow what happens here, but you would think they should put the same level of professionalism they have always been about to u2.com. Come on, get this right.
  10. I doubt this is a fan club exclusive. U2 makes way more money selling to the general public. So I expect a release later like it has always been. What is not clear here is if this subs gift will be the same as the future gp release. I would think so, that's why I hope the subs gift will have the same hi-def format so we don't have to pay for it twice. DVD in 2020 is just unacceptable.
  11. That was my point earlier. If we get this and at later date the same exact product is release in hi-definition to the general public, that will be a slap on the face to all of us that pay for the subscription. I hope U2 won't be that greedy.
  12. At this point we can only hope it's a mistake and it comes with Blu-ray BUT I doubt. Usually they are pretty good on the description. I don'r remember they ever making suck mistake.
  13. Interestingly, I first did not realize it was a DVD. On the back of my mind, I was thinking Blu-ray. Well, that isn't very reassuring. We are in 2020 and DVD is outdated by more than a decade. No wonder the DVD did not register on my mind. 🤣 I think this is another ploy for U2 grab money from fans when the Blu-ray package hits the general public sales and maximizes profits giving this subscription gift. I love U2, but I do sometimes think they are too greedy. This is another example of that.
  14. Some tours they had the EU program with tons of US live concert photos, something that the US tour did not for obvious reasons. other tours both programs were the same with only the tour dates and locations different.
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