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  1. Got an extra GA Field for KC. Message me if interested!
  2. Hi, we've got an extra floor GA for Minneapolis. Looking to get face value back. Will have to meet us in line. Thanks!
  3. Sunday is sold. Saturday still available.
  4. Hi, we've got a single GA field available for Saturday and one for Sunday. Let me know if interested; we'll have to meet up in line at the show and enter together. Only looking to get face value too, fyi. Thanks! Brett
  5. Like so many others, me and a buddy were both trying unsuccessfully to buy GA for Chicago with our LONG-TIME fan presale codes. We both ended up punting and buying a pair of reserved seats. And NOW it shows GA seats available to both of us. Seems very fishy: as if they want to make us buy a pair of reserved seats before we can then get on the field. UNHAPPY with my fave band.
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