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  1. I got my text. Then hit link and it said not until noon. Then I just went to main ticketmaster site and searched u2 and clicked on the LA may 16 show. Then it had a spot for the code. I was able to get the $110 seats I wanted on the side. I just didn't want behind stage or the $350 seats.
  2. The citicard thing actually makes me mad. I think it's pretty awful to try to get your fans to pick up another credit card or change their banking system just to get tickets. That's not working towards a healthy view of how we use money that I would think the band would care about. Hey and I apologize to everyone. I didn't mean to rub it in. My bad. I accept the heat I'm taking here and I'm sorry.
  3. You might have picked the wrong waiting room. There were a few different waiting rooms. One for GA, one for seated, one for packages
  4. I just mean for the system they have determined to know who true fans are and not just people that signed up for the fan club last week. That's why I put "real fans" in quotation marks. I know it doesn't really mean real fans. It just means the system's way of determining them. I'm sorry if that was rude. If a show sells out with only the longest term fans then the system is working. What I'm angry about is if these tickets end up somehow on secondary market.
  5. I'm sorry to the innocence group but if the experience group bought all of them that means that the most "real fans" got the tickets.
  6. I'm sorry. It went straight from the waiting room into the tickets for me in about one second. Smoothest ever. I would keep trying now because people will get bumped out or not have the money or something.
  7. This was by far the smoothest, fastest and most pain-free presale I've been a part of and I've done pretty much all of them. Thanks to U2 and even thanks to the evil institutions that helped make it possible.
  8. All I really have to say is I'm frustrated too. I've been waiting to make plans for Dublin. I'm another long-time fan who has been 20+ shows even though I'm only 40 and couldn't start until ZooTV. I finally decided to go for the Dublin shows not that I make a somewhat decent living and can afford it from Southern California. But all this is just getting annoying. I also bought five shows for LA expecting that they would be somewhat different experiences and I'm bummed they changed that apparently. Even the way the tickets went on sale was frustrating. They announced it two days before they went on sale and it was right before Christmas. Not the best way for us all to be financially prepared. Don't get me wrong. I'm still giddy with excitement for May 26. I can't wait! But I also want to be treated with respect.
  9. What's the deal with opening acts? Are there any? When are they being announced?

  10. Anybody have leads on how to download a real MP3 of this song? I know it was a Product Red thing but I can't find it - I can find youtube videos and stuff but not the song for my iPod! Thanks for any help.
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