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  1. So first let me just say today’s sale went super smoothly and no gymnastics were necessary. But, since you asked, this was my setup: 2 web browsers: Browser 1 I logged into ticketmaster.com and U2.com and went to the tickets page linked to from the U2.com tours page. Browser 2 I went straight to Ticketmaster.com and navigated to the show page where I got the countdown. I believe that is what people mean by “waiting room” I also had the Ticketmaster app on my smartphone open and sitting at the U2 tour page waiting to select for DC show 2. At 10am the countdown Ticketmaster page on browser 2 started loading. While it was loading I started refreshing Browser 1 trying to get it to show that tickets were now available. I also tapped the DC show in the Ticketmaster app. Basically I was racing the different options to see which would load first. The countdown page on Browser 2 came up first so I selected 2 tickets, ticket type Experience (pasted in the code), and selected GA standing room only and hit search. It immediately brought up 2 GA tickets. I was through the checkout before the Ticketmaster app on my phone had even loaded.
  2. Secured 2 GA tickets for DC this morning with no issues. I hope everyone else is having success!
  3. Honestly, I think after this tour I'm done with the fanclub. Even if the fanclub presale had been flawless, the fact that Citi card holders were allocated more tickets than paid fanclub members, is absolutely ridiculous. Why should I pay for a membership when I can just sign up for a credit card and get allocated more tickets?!
  4. I mean seriously. They just finished a stadium tour for one of their biggest albums ever. The days of massively popular albums attracting scores of new fans are long gone. I can't imagine there is a big crowd of casual fans clamoring for these tickets. I just don't believe there could possibly be more demand for these tickets than the i+e tour 2 years ago.
  5. They went on sale to the general public today at 10am. You had to pre-register with Ticketmaster to become a "Verified Fan" in order to get a code that you could then use to try to get tickets. You register here: https://u2tour.tmverifiedfan.com/ I assume you can still register, if you want.. Looks like there are a lot of tickets still available for most shows if you either have the cash for top dollar seats or don't mind nosebleed/restricted view.
  6. I'm genuinely hoping that U2 has to do the Kid Rock "invite the whole trailer park" ticket sale of shame in order to avoid playing to empty venues. Sure seems like the biggest band in the world needs a healthy dose of reality.
  7. Joshua Tree tour may be my last U2 tour. At least I got to take my 10 year old to see them before U2 completely shit the bed.
  8. I sincerely miss the Propaganda mail order days. Low tech, low stress.
  9. Yeah, no RZ, no GA.. Plenty of nosebleed behind the stage, stupid fucking VIP packages and $325 tickets though. I hope to see Groupon deals trying to unload tickets in the summer. They fucking deserve it.
  10. No GA tix available for the presale. None for the Citi sale. Just tried for the general on-sale. Nothing. I'm done.
  11. For anyone else who missed it... To get registered as a verified fan for a particular show's general onsale go to the front page of U2.com, not your account info page and register for the general onsale for the show(s) that you are interested in.
  12. Failed to get tickets for the fanclub presale, and I failed to register for the Citi presale because I assumed that the fanclub presale would work as always. So it looks like I'll be trying for the general onsale. I've seen a couple of people mention needing to somehow sign up with Ticketmaster as a verified fan for a particular show in order to get a code to purchase on 11/20, but I'm not seeing how one does that. My U2.com account info page shows that I'm a Verified Subscriber and that my email status is complete and my Ticketmaster setup is complete. At no point in setting that stuff up was I ever asked which show I was interested in, so I don't expect to receive a code for it. On reddit someone was saying that they've done the verified fan setup for 6 different shows.. How? What am I missing? Never thought I'd long for the days of camping out in front of a Ticketmaster.
  13. I'm with you. I'll pay $80+ fees for GA, but no way in hell am I paying that for obstructed view. Since no GA are available, that leaves me with $350 for decent seats or $150+ for nosebleed with a view of the screen. Like all of you, I've spent a huge amount of money on this band over the years, but this is just a fucking rip off, and they can frankly piss off. Unless they do something to fix this crap, I think they can expect to be playing concerts to a arenas full of disinterested drunk ass business people.
  14. None for me. Was right there at 10 am with my laptop and my phone. No GA available from the get go. Yet somehow there are tons available on the resell market for ridiculous prices. Hope U2 enjoys performing to drunk business executives who could give a shit. Should be a great vibe down on the floor.
  15. I sign up for U2.com membership before every tour. I only do it for the tickets. Never again.
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