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  1. Issues with website and payment options at the moment. Any advice? Please.
  2. Just disappointed that it's only open to US residents.
  3. Appreciating all your hardwork Zoo mods! 

  4. Same here, I haven't gotten an email either. I'm in Canada and use a hotmail email account.... I wonder if there is a pattern.
  5. The ticketmaster app didn't work for me at all, livenation app also down. I recommend using the link from U2.com and then going through the TM website (pc version if on mobile). I managed 4 GAs with my RedHill code for Vancouver right at 9 am (PST).
  6. - Where are you from? Vancouver - where are your seats? GA - How many U2 shows is this for you? 5th - Song on JT you most want to hear? I think Mother's of the Disappeared, but Running to Stand Still is an all time fav.
  7. The boys are back!

  8. It is very sensible and business way of looking at the contest. Thanks for the well detailed comment.
  9. All that you can't leave behind, but #strongerthanfear

  10. Achtung Baby!

    1. pain_18_


      Baby, Baby, Baby !!!

  11. I can't believe what I'm hearing LIVE....almost bootleg from the early days!!! AMAZING!
  12. Awesome opening i+E shows...front row rails first time GA! Couldn't have asked for more.

  13. Can't wait for nonstop U2 all week in my hometown #vancity

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