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  1. Party? These days with Jelly and Ice Cream....
  2. 24 years ago today - 2nd Nov 1985. Mmmm.....was 9 years old, living in SE london. Can't really remember much except the FA Cup Final that year was a classic......
  3. has to be asked - does anyone wish Jagger would shut up and let Bono do the singing?
  4. Great posts all - but surely Bono is merely repeating the question raised by that most insightful and quasi-prophetic of recent cultural phenonmenons - HSM. To which the reply is "It's summer time".
  5. Achtung Baby. Not a weak song on there. Everyone is amazing. Joshua Tree is half a good album. Unforgettable Fire is a great 'mood' album, as is NLOTH.
  6. Tattz

    Bono's vocals

    he sounds amazing these days - listen to Amazing Grace before 'streets' on youtube broadcast - so much character and humanity in that voice.....he still has it.
  7. oh, and could U2 get Justice to handle a remix?
  8. Love to hear in a little while remixed....
  9. Ok - imagine U2 are going to play a 30 minute set of rare tracks (stuff played only a handful of times before). What would be the 5 tracks you would like to see played? Here are mine 1) So Cruel 2) Lady with the Spinning Head 3) Mothers of the Disappeared 4) Red Hill Mining Town 5) Unchained Melody - U2 style Over to you! ps - first post woo hoo!
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