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  1. Have had membership since I was a high schooler in the 1980s. Spouse had membership since early 1990s. So already a bit POd that we we couldn't attend 1 show as a family of 4 due to ticket limits today & the dire warnings about using more than 1 code. So we decided to try and get tickets today for just 1 show. I had GAs in my cart THIRTEEN TIMES over an hour+ period. All timed out and crashed. One transaction went completely through (credit card, shipping page etc) and when I clicked 'confirm purchase' it crashed. My husband tried on his end for over an hour too. Ticketmaster asked me to email them after seeing my rants on twitter but we never received a response. Over two hours later I had a quick break from work and was finally able to get 1 set of tickets. But today's headache and other recent missteps really have me questioning why we even bothered with the fan club membership over the years... We've gotten tickets for everything imaginable from Springsteen to San Diego Comic Con and have never experienced the headaches & crashes of today. The Conways
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