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  1. 2 hours ago, bigwave said:

    yes, get it in writing also

    Well, I got told two different things by Ticketmaster and U2.com   Ticketmaster said that if they came from same IP same address it is possible that they would be cancelled.  So they agreed to cancel order (since it was showing under wife's ticketmaster account) and now trying to decide if we will chance buying on pre sale at all or wait for general.  Called U2.com to verify eligibility (talked to Will) says its totally ok and to proceed without worrying with a new pre sale order.  AS LONG as you don't go over 4 tickets FOR THE SAME SHOW which we wouldn't.  Reiterated that each u2 membership account gets 4 tickets regardless of where you live etc.   We will use different credit card AND different ticketmaster account for them.  We will even use different IP address for order.  U2.com said there will be NO problem.  Thanks for the help BIGWAVE.  

  2. Ok so I got through ST Louis ok.  My wife had previously purchased 4 for dallas.  I have a new membership and was able to get the two through my new subscription for STL no problems.  
    My question we only use one Ticketmaster account and they are showing up in my wives Ticketmaster account although in different credit cards - the new ones are under mine which is different from hers.  Is this going to be a problem?  Wondering if I should get in touch with ticketmaster to confirm. 

  3. 1 hour ago, Lau_XtP said:

    Question about  the pre-sale. I want to buy two tickets but with two different credit cards (one card for each ticket) so i need to make two purchases. I'll be able to do that or once i use the code the first time i wont be able to use it again later?

    Yes, I did that same thing for the first part of this tour without problems.   I bought two tickets in one card and two tickets in another card.  Both cards on my name. 

  4. 54 minutes ago, FaithHope&U2 said:

    The Ticketmaster Mexico site shows two links/listings for the U2 show - one is "Pista" and one is "Seccion Grada":


    I assume "Pista" is the floor. So I'd need to choose that link to buy floor tickets - any others here who may speak Spanish and be familiar with buying Tickets in Mexico? I don't want to buy the wrong tickets!

    Interesting that the TM Mexico page lists the presale happening on Monday June 12th through Preventa Citibanamex - while the U2.com site has a presale happening this Thursday. Nice that we get first crack at things.

    All of this to say - If anyone has tips on getting Mexico City tickets please reply! (I used my presale code already so am looking at either friends who are coming to Mexico with me buying a fan club membership - or me trying to get tickets on the regular sale).


    Pista means floor - Grada seats.  

  5. So, I was too nice and let friends use 2 out of our 4 so I am out.  UGH!  My husband has never been a paid member (only I have been a member here) so hoping we can open a new subscriber/membership account through him with a different credit card and get to presages that way - although I know it would be for second group.  I don't see anywhere where they don't want same household so it should work.  Just to be safe we would use a different credit card.  Would that work? 

  6. #1 for me Ultraviolet 

    Then not sure of order but here are the rest 

    Mysterious Ways 

    Red Hill Mining Town 

    Where the Streets Have no Name 


    Elevation (live) 

    City of Blinding Lights 



    One Tree Hill 

    Other close ones 

    Sunday Bloody Sunday, bad, Magnificent  - Grace (because it played during my daughters birth - her name is grace :) )  - Sweetest Thing  - With or Without you LOL too many 

  7. 43 minutes ago, romanorton said:

    All checked in!  Just received word that only the CC holder has to check in at the fan line (no longer the whole party like earlier today). Security has agreed to honor the fan line check ins.   If you haven't already checked in...go now!  Corner of Collins and Cowboy Way!!


    Both of us were there for early check in but now just credit card holder needed for the 7pm check in?   that would be awesome as traffic will be hellish!

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