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  1. Hi, It turns out I have a meeting on Monday morning and I need to try to get tickets for Saturday's show. I have two for Sunday I bought and they are in section 29 Row 22 Seats 15 and 16. I'm looking for something comparable and I'm more than willing to shell out some money for your tickets if they are better. Thanks!! Cheers, Nick
  2. I am SO disappointed. I saw them twice on the 360 tour and used the pre-sale to get tickets. I'm a teacher and could not sit by my computer at noon because I still was teaching my 5th graders at that point. By lunch I waited for what seemed at times like 10 minutes at a time and got the spinning wheel of death and then was offered tickets and then they were gone when I clicked to the next screen. :-( So I tried again after school and only was offered 312 dollar tickets which I clearly can't afford. What a major bust this was. I will not have time Monday for the general pre-sale which will be more a circus than this was. I paid $50 for nothing. U2 needs to find a better way.
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