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  1. So after a long fallow period I can feel the love again but it seems all around me want to terrorize it right out of me. I do pray, but who do others of you turn to for help here in the physical world?
  2. Thanks for the beautiful card! I did in fact get what I wanted...and it weren't no t-shirt either, baby. (Although that t-shirt is still pretty cool...) What I got was hope and happiness and the assurance that sometimes love really doesn't let you go. I'm a bit overwhelmed with awe and wonder. It's been a "Beautiful Day!!!"
  3. My birthday is 10 days away, 14 January. I doubt I'm getting what I truly want. I guess I'll have to settle for one of those "Future Needs a Big Kiss" shirts they have over in the U2 shop. That's OK. I've had my eye on that shirt for a while now. It really is a pretty cool shirt, I guess.
  4. I am having 3 shots of sad and about to be a few shots of vodka tonight. This has not been a great month for me. Even the old U2 fix isn't working which is pretty bad. I am so happy Oisin decided to incarnate with me this go around. He really does make my life better. I've never been this depressed for this long--my life's never stayed this chaotic and flat lined this long. I have really lost my mojo.
  5. Enjoy your time away, but come back--you do great work here!
  6. kristaps-- HA on the cats! Â I was nearing the end of my rant and trying to think up miracles that could occur. Â Perhaps the cat thing should have come last, I mean seriously, cats coming when called trumps singing angels any day of the week. Â
  7. BROTHER! So they're still up to this freakin' nonsense. The only terror is the terror being spread from these notice things. After the WTC everyday there were color coded notices alerting us all as to just how scared we were meant to be--there were never any details, never any information, just a "threat level" color chart--like a freakin' mood ring of horror. Every day is a threat level if you want to think about it like that. An earthquake could strike, a fire could suddenly ignite in a closet while you're sleeping, you could freakin' choke on a tic-tac, for crying out loud. OR you could walk out into the street and run in to the love of your life, you could have the most awesome PB&J sandwich you've ever had, your dog might lick your face and make your day, your cat might actually come when you called it, or angels could suddenly materialize right in front of you and sing the Hallelujah Chorus--but chances are you'd be too scared to see them or listen to them sing if you're tuned into your mood ring of terror. Usually the things that happen that mark our lives are rarely the ones we plan for--be they good or bad. Terror mood rings be damned.
  8. I always know I've failed at something when tens of thousands of people show up to see me where ever I go--really, really, really hurts my feelings to see them all loving me.
  9. Hey, Bono, what is wrong with you, lazing about all the time doing absolutely nothing? You act like you're busy or something running around performing and raising global awareness and recovering from spinal injuries. Well, you're not. You've a lot of work to do, my friend. Here's your official to-do list: 1. More water to wine, man, more water to wine. 2. I still see starving people on the streets, Bono. More loaves and fishes, dude. 3. That Ultra-Violet flying thing is sorta cool, but I wanna see you get on your boots and start walking on water. 4. Two words for you: World peace. 5. Finally, please, please, please can you use your not-so-secret magical powers to turn all the world's whining wankers into brightly colored cockatoos sold by traveling salespeople (preferably those salespeople directly descended from your mother's side of the family.) I'd take on some of these issues myself, but I am absolutely swamped with complaining about how nobody else does anything in the world or how the actions others are taking just aren't correct, properly done, or, quite frankly, just not enough for my liking.
  10. Dear Mr. The Edge, Hope you have a Magnificent birthday that is free from any next day after-effects! Love, ~Esme
  11. Where ever my true and precious lover who magically appeared out of the blue decided he wanted to take me just so long as it did not remotely involve Macon. Georgia, that is.
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