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  1. Thanks for the beautiful card! I did in fact get what I wanted...and it weren't no t-shirt either, baby. (Although that t-shirt is still pretty cool...) What I got was hope and happiness and the assurance that sometimes love really doesn't let you go. I'm a bit overwhelmed with awe and wonder. It's been a "Beautiful Day!!!"
  2. My birthday is 10 days away, 14 January. I doubt I'm getting what I truly want. I guess I'll have to settle for one of those "Future Needs a Big Kiss" shirts they have over in the U2 shop. That's OK. I've had my eye on that shirt for a while now. It really is a pretty cool shirt, I guess.
  3. I am having 3 shots of sad and about to be a few shots of vodka tonight. This has not been a great month for me. Even the old U2 fix isn't working which is pretty bad. I am so happy Oisin decided to incarnate with me this go around. He really does make my life better. I've never been this depressed for this long--my life's never stayed this chaotic and flat lined this long. I have really lost my mojo.
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