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  1. Hello everyone, this is Matt from NJ. Long time subscriber, new to Zootopia. I've been a fan since '85, seen every show that has come through Philly from the JT tour to 360. Had to venture up NY to see them at MSG on the I&E Tour( and it pains me to say this...it wasn't one of their best shows, like the electricity & excitement just wasn't in the room.) But the pinnacle for me was when I got to see them in Ireland in '09. I was lucky ☘️enough to win a trip through my local radio station. Frig'n crazy!!! Right?? Man, I was on a high for months after that !!!(lots of funny stories from that trip) I'm looking forward to the up coming tour, pretty excited...but also a little reserved in a strange way. Can't explain it. I'll be going with family & friends. We were all able to get GA's (lucky again, I guess. ☘️) I can go on & on with stories from over the years, but I won't bug ya. LOL!!!
  2. Hello hello ?? Where did everybody go ?? Kind of new to Zootopia..but, I've been a U2 fan since 1984..hot great is this new album ???!!!!!!This new tour is going to be great..does anyone post on this thread ??
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