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  1. Sometimes its nice not to turn itunes on. yes I know I have a cheap record player ;-)
  2. www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/irishsun/irishsunnews/4528266/Scrawl-I-want-is-you-U2-fans-warned-off-autograph-faker.html
  3. I think they are a new Canadian band. This is from their first album
  4. The openning band Interpol did throw pics out the the audience at the end of their set, but out of the shows I've seen U2 didint hurl pics out into the audience. I've gotten two pics from Dallas on this tour both times I was in the red zone, had the Irish flag hagning on the rail, second time had a sign thanking him for the first pic and he threw us another one Dallas such a nice guy. And some luck!
  5. To be at a concert and it's Edge's birthday lucky fans
  6. LOL (thanks anjana) It's AB for me.
  7. They made me cry of how bad they where.
  8. Do they not play U2 on the radio in England!?
  9. The free things I have are my favourites my Montreal setlist and two guitar picks from Dallas. My 360 U2 cap thats gets worn often. And the records that are as old as me.
  10. Red Red Wine...........ouch. I've seen this before pretty brutal. Now without cheating could we name those 40 singles.
  11. Dusts cobwebs of posting on free side. A year that was fast. The blogs eh, could use a laugh.
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