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  1. Does anyone know if the song will be available to buy as a CD single?
  2. There are 1000 memorable performances from Bono over the years, here are 10 over the past 4 decades. Thank you sir https://www.instagram.com/p/CAAwiArgQ-3/?igshid=ji97obwrny1s
  3. A special birthday for the greatest frontman @ 60. Has everything a great frontman should have: Vocals, Lyrics, charisma, stage presence, showman, energy, soul, heart, emotion, creativity, a cracking falsetto, always in sync with the band and that little bit of uncoolness which makes him cool 🙂
  4. g_mills


    From the album: Bono @60

    Innocence and Experience Glasgow 2015
  5. g_mills


    From the album: Bono @60

    Innocence and Experience Glasgow 2015
  6. I tried all day yesterday for pitch 2 tickets but with no success. Then, after countless more attempts this morning, I eventually got two pitch 2 tickets at approx 1030. Must have had hundreds of attempts. If you are still trying, good luck. I basically settled for trying pitch 2 and if no success, I would get any other ticket just before pre sale ended!
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