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    JT2019 Sydney Red Zone!!!!
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  1. I totally agree. A DVD makes no sense. I would suggest even a Blu Ray copy would be antiquated. While it is nice to have the physical copy for the graphics and photos, a high res version can easily be provided so that it may be viewed on televisions, iPads, or phones. As it stands, unless I want to pull out a DVD player, I won’t be able to watch this concert. Actually I would much rather have a high quality audio of the show so that I can listen to music on my phone, in my car, or home stereo.
  2. Wow two amazing shows. Well worth the trip from Vancouver!!! Thanks again to the amazing Australian fans for their hospitality. Also, thanks to the SCG employees that helped us with relocating our seats for night 2 when ours were blocked off (due to visibility issues). The upgrade was great!!!
  3. The great U2 fan community buying rain ponchos for those without jackets.
  4. From what I’ve been told, the 500 wristbands were gone at 8:30. There’s only about 40 people here now.
  5. Just arrived at SCG. Red Zone que is at 34. Apparently Jenny who is the Red Zone coordinator will acknowledge this official/unofficial line.
  6. I would try the contacts on this link https://www.sportshub.com.sg/U2-2019 Under the ticketing FAQs there is topic concerning authorizing another person to pick up the tickets. Hope that helps.
  7. It would be so awesome if they did Please or Gone.
  8. A bit of a different concert Andrea Bocelli this Thursday
  9. I lucked out and was able to grab 2 RZ for Sydney this time so hope to see you there!!!
  10. I don’t know about this tour stop (obvi) but I managed to get two RZ for the opening night in Vancouver of the JT 2017 during the public sale.
  11. 2 x Red Zone for Sydney. Can’t wait!!! Never been Down Under so it will be an amazing trip.
  12. While I respect your opinion, I must wholeheartedly disagree. I attended LA1 and was very pleased we had Red Flag Day and Gloria in the set list. That’s not even mentioning getting Acrobat and SATS. Plus I like the new songs but miss Landlady and Little Things. I thought it was a great show.
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