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  1. Great place for the picture
  2. an excellent version of this beautiful song ... you can feel Bono's confession in his voice, maybe saying goodbye to his dad. Very strong thing
  3. The best present... "In Gods country" remastered video to be released tonight (19.02.2021). One of my favorite songs ... In days when the days are complicated, this is a wonderful gift from U2 for my today´s birthday. (I never knew In Gods country had an official clip)
  4. den, na který nezapomenu ... před koncertem v Berlíně Adam přišel k fanouškům ... byl tak přátelský a usmíval se ... skvělý okamžik v mém životě tak, všechno nejlepší kámo, Adame #U2Berlin4K #AdamClayton60
  5. Book them for you. Tomorrow i send message
  6. Hi everyone. MY friends canceled today 2 ticket for stand to 8.7.concert. I sell this ticked now.
  7. Finally! U2 in our stadium.
  8. remember for my favourite concert in Poland (Katowice) in 05
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