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  1. Why The Ritz, did they stay there before?
  2. Hé guys! Waited so long to get an autograph...and now missed the band 4 days in a row in Amsterdam by 10 minutes and again in Dublin. Bono was just 1 step away from me when he turned around and went into the Arena. Last chance will be Paris. Anyone knows which hotel they stay in or where the Arena's entrance is for the band? I really want my Boy-album signed!!!! Maybe meet up with anyone there, I will be in Paris dec. 7th around 10 o'clock...
  3. Me and my friend both saved our presalecodes for the Dublin shows, so bought 4 tickets. Unfortunately both for the same date (Dublin 2) because Dublin 3 and 4 were already sold out. 2 tickets Dublin 2 are now for sale, RedZone, I paid 281,= per ticket. So anyone interested?
  4. In the presale I have bought 4 RedZone Tickets for the Dublin concert on 24/11. I would like to exchange them for RedZone Tickets on the 28/11. I'm sorry, they are not available anymore...
  5. klefbek


    I remember that in one of the US shows Bono sang a few lines from the song Halleluja (Leonard Cohen). Does anyone know which show that was or where I can find a recording of this show?
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