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  1. OK, thanks. I know the fans have often sorted out the recording info before the band officially mentioned it in the past... ?
  2. Every time I purchased a ticket through VF, I got a survey afterward. Not sure there is much to read into this... Ticketmaster is definitely investing in this as a way to reduce any scalping that they don't get a cut of.
  3. Poked around and did a search, but can't seem to find info on this... have they done it yet? Announced it yet? Thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks for the info about the shirts. Sadly, by the time I arrived, they only had small and mediums left, and I wanted an XL (well, I was getting an L, until reading about your experience). I can't complain too much, as I got into the venue for the first time at like 8:20, so just enough time to check merch, visit the boys room, and then get onto the floor right before they started playing. As per usual, showing up as late as humanly possible put me directly behind people who had been queuing all day and had numbers on their wrists in the middle of the walkway between both stages... I never bothered getting that close for i+e, so I figured I'd do it this time, and was ridiculously close to Edge and Larry at times. Fun night. If anyone has an extra shirt, hit me up, or I'll just... forget about it, heh.
  5. If I want to get a Philly-specific shirt tomorrow, is that something I need to get there early for? Or not that hard to get them on this tour?
  6. This comes up for every tour they do, though, so I guess why do the fans think the band is going to change every time, despite the fact they never have before? It is a heavily theatrical show, with lots of moving parts and lighting cues/effects/etc., so there is little wiggle room as a result. Whether people think that is a worthwhile trade-off or not, the band have seemingly bought into this approach for a long time. I think the beauty of this approach is that if I see this show in Philadelphia (which I am going to), and a friend say it anywhere else, we can talk about it like we had the same experience. It is like reading a novel and talking about it afterward. Whereas if I mention seeing Pearl Jam in concert, it is more about Did they play this? Did they play that? since there is no narrative thread or consistent experience night to night. I solved the issue of not being sure if I want to see the same show on multiple nights very easily. I only bought a ticket to one night. Any die-hard fans who opt to go both nights should know what they are signing on to at this point.
  7. But that is based on a gamble that there would be unsold seats closer to showtime, which may or may not have been the case. This happens all the time for almost every event that doesn't sell out. It's the choice of knowing you have tickets locked in months in advance, or not knowing whether you would be going until today...
  8. Yeah, I had a GA for MSG3, but figure I'll try my luck with the public sale. Ugh... although my other code was used for Philly, which isn't even a Ticketmaster venue, so it did seem less likely to get audited, but better to be safe... heh.
  9. I didn't use that code, though. Verified was a different code?
  10. So if I got 2 tickets through Verified Fan, I'm OK to use this new code for MSG? It is seemingly a different code...
  11. This is only true if they lose enough people to not sell out the venue, though. Which doesn't seem likely...
  12. If they weren't limited view, those seats would also cost $300+, so not sure how selling limited views cheaper costs you money? The majority of the arena is not limited view.
  13. Isn't it that we get 4 tickets when they are in stadiums and 2 when they do arenas? I don't think this is anything new?
  14. I was working with Max on here to resolve it, e-mailed Ticketmaster support, and called the u2.com support line. Can't say which one did the trick...
  15. Somehow, I just got texted a code 90 minutes after the presale began, and still somehow got two GA tickets for Philly?! I'm not going to ask questions, but it somehow worked out... so maybe they are fixing things?
  16. I don't think that has anything to do with whether you were enrolled in the Ticketmaster Verified program, though. Seems like a separate issue. I think every member will be able to see which group they would be in, if they registered with Ticketmaster in time.
  17. Each code is linked to a specific Ticketmaster account, so sharing codes isn't recommended. You may get the tickets today, and a cancellation after they audit the sales.
  18. OK, but I was able to purchase Verified tickets to Harry Styles previously?
  19. If you linked your Ticketmaster and U2.com accounts, that was the process for signing up... well, we thought it was signing up for the code, but it seems like it was entering the lottery for the code.
  20. Yes, you had to sign up for presales separately, but you should have received an e-mail from U2 about it in advance...
  21. That's the problem, they did it backwards this year. Usually they announce Europe first, have issues, and get all of this stuff resolved before the US dates go onsale... ;-)
  22. It certainly is the end of the fan club if they go to a lottery. I mean, that is the system they use for bands who don't have fan clubs, but it makes no sense in this case.
  23. We all got e-mails that said "You Have Been Selected For Verified Subscriber Presale Ticket Access" with all the details about when we would be receiving codes and such this morning, and an hour later, we got told that e-mail was sent by accident and that we wouldn't be getting codes.
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