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  1. I've been lucky enough to catch the show from GA, but I'd love to snag a seat to be able to see the screens. Anyone have a single seat they're looking to sell for tonight's show? I'm after one with a decent view of the screens, but something in that $118ish bracket.
  2. On both Saturday and Sunday, there was a merchandise booth open inside the main MSG lobby (you can go in without getting your ticket scanned, you just have to let security look through your bag/scan you with a wand) by around 2pm.
  3. Wow, I bow to your devotion to the band - we have been having some horribly hot and humid weather this weekend, so that can not have been fun! But I guess all was forgotten once the show started, right? :-) Was it just me, or did you find Sunday's show even better than Saturday's? I thought they were both terrific, but just even moreso on Sunday. You're pretty much right on all counts about the line. NOT fun to sit in the heat like that. But for me, being on the rail and close enough to see Edge and Bono reading and chuckling at my sign more than made up for it.
  4. Photos/video from NY2 at Madison Square Garden (just off the rail near the e stage, North Side).
  5. A smattering of shots from the rail at the first Madison Square Garden show in NYC (midway down the walkway, South Side).
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