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  1. The postage cost from where? Why don't you just add it to your online shopping basket and see for yourself what the shipping cost is? And then call up your local record store and ask them the price. How can anyone here know what price your local record store is selling the set at, or if they even have it?
  2. I think possibly ATYCLB is coming from the end of U2's career where there just isn't so much quality, unreleased stuff left in the vault. And "remastering" an album from 2000 doesn't really make sense either. Mastering in 2000 was already all high-quality, digital, polished. Sure, they could have included a different concert, and possibly new video. But as for video, well, I'm not sure DVD or Blu-ray releases make any sense anymore. It's just not how people consume video. CDs are at the very tail end of being justifiable. But people just don't consume video via optical discs now. So they'
  3. There was a time when I gobbled up anything U2 without thinking twice. But the last few years, and in particular the 30th anniversary Joshua Tree release, has been a bit of a realisation for me that I'm just another sucker buying the same thing over and over. I'll happily skip this ATYCLB re-issue. There is absolutely nothing new/interesting for me here. I already have all those b-sides. Not interested in remixes. Elevation live can be experiened on the Boston DVD. I'm not shelling out for another box to gather dust on a shelf. I know others will say I'm being a misery guts, but I just feel a
  4. Just a quick note to say thanks to....someone. Finally, finally got my vinyls, and I am quite satisfied now.
  5. I don't want to speak too soon, but I have some positive news to share with anyone still waiting on the Joshua Tree Singles... After confirming my choice of this subscriber gift in May 2017, I received just 5 minutes ago a shipping confirmation email! The set is, by all accounts, finally on its way to me! Anyone else still waiting, don't give up just yet!
  6. Thank you for the reply. I just haven't seen any "official" reassurance or even comment since I started following this thread almost 5 months ago. I was wondering if those of us who remember the missing 2017 gift were just being left in here to rant at each other until we ran out of steam.
  7. So today is 8 weeks from the quoted message. I phoned U2.com support. Was on the call for 31 minutes - most of the time on hold. The lady I spoke to seemed quite surprised I hadn't received 2017's gift...in a general sense - I don't think she was aware of any problem at any point with this gift. I told her I was not alone - others were posting online about never having received theirs either. She put me on hold and went off to check. Finally came back to tell me that it was simply listed as "out of stock" on her system - awaiting delivery from manufacturing to the warehouse. She said viny
  8. I'm still waiting too. It bothers me every single day. I'm more afraid than annoyed at this stage. I'm a bit of a "collector", and I would hate to think I miss out on this gift. I just have this bad feeling that finally it's going to end in being contacted to say, "OK sorry folks, no more supplies and we're not producing any more." I've contacted support too many times. I wish the communication was more systematic (and believable somehow). We need a "champion" amongst the moderators maybe? Someone with the connections to get concrete confirmation on this.
  9. No, it wasn't only you. See this post earlier in this same thread:
  10. The records are heavy. If the package is thrown around at all (which I'm sure 99.9% of packages are), the force of the records impacting the sides of the sleeves is going to cause this damage. It wasn't a knife that cut the sleeves - it was the records themselves that cut the sleeves.
  11. Still waiting for mine to arrive... Contacted support a number of times, and am constantly given conflicting information. On 9 March Theresa said she "took the liberty of shipping the vinyl set to me", but also that I would receive an email notification when it actually shipped, which of course I didn't get. A month later, on 9 April, I contacted them again, and this time Orlando told me that "regretfully, all U2 Fan Club Membership gifts are currently in production at this time." I just want my gift, so I can move on from this fiasco!
  12. I guess it also depends where in the world you are. In the UK at least, there doesn't seem to be any tracking number at all. I wish there was. My vinyl set went missing. I never received anything anyway. The only information I have is a ship date listed when I check order status online. I guess the package got returned to sender, but really I have no idea what happened to it. I don't know why the shipping company didn't manage to deliver it - whoever they were. It's a poor reflection on their ability to do their job,
  13. Did you have to sign for it? Supposedly mine was dispatched back in December, but I didn't receive it. I'm trying to chase it down now, or find out what (might have) happened to it. If a signature is required, it's easier to track of course.
  14. I've also seen reported that the customer service people have no contact with the distribution/warehouse people. So emailing customer service could be just clogging up the system for no good reason. Obviously many fanclub gifts are being dispatched around now. It's not impossible that people emailing customer service and their set being dispatched is just coincidence.
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