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  1. I have played my copy four times already :-) A good needle and a little love and attention and vinyl is good forever. It's great to read that everyone is really thrilled to get one of these records. Maybe it is time to take a photo of the disc spinning. If only for posterity's sake :-)
  2. Happy days: The Postman came!!! Actually he came yesterday but I was already en route from Cork to Dublin to see Jesse Ware in concert when I heard about the delivery. I couldn't be 100% certain that it was the single pressing of SOI that had arrived at home and consequently my mind was working overtime last night. Come to think of it I could have collected it from Principle Management in Dublin and saved them the princely sum of €7.50 postage Anyway I finally arrived back home today and yes - there it was - my own copy of something that I never thought that I would see in my record collection. As a prelude to playing I rolled out U23; Twilight and 11 o'Clock Tick Tock - b-sides and all. The single vinyl version of SOI plays just beautifully It even looks quite beautiful - from the exceptionally 'simple' white sleeve to the vinyl itself. Trainspotters will appreciate the way the light catches the grooves of Iris and Raised By Wolves while the record spins (then again maybe not ). This disc is going to be a fixture on my turntable for the foreseeable future (OK maybe alternating with the white vinyl version). I really hope that all of the other copies find their way to their respective destinations and that they bring as much joy to their new owners as my one has brought me. Play and enjoy people!
  3. I couldn't quite believe it when I read an e-mail from U2.com to say that one of the single pressing of SOI will be winging its way to me It looks as if I will have to organise a ceremonial playing of U23 as a prelude to playing this most welcome of additions to a decidedly vinyl playing household when it arrives! The news also catalysed me into action in respect of the ten inch pressing of Ordinary Love which never made it to the local record store here in Cork (Ireland)(to the best of my knowledge} - so I jumped and fingers crossed that it will arrive in conjunction with the single pressing of SOI. Smiles alround then - and more to come in due course with the live album (also on ten inch) And finally I have to hold my hand up about my entry - I was factually incorrect when I mentioned 'Five Go Down To The Sea' as the support act - it was of course 'Microdisney' Cathal Coughlan as the singer was of course correct but I was always mixing up Finbarr Donnelley's band 'Five Go Down To The Sea' with Cathal and Sean's band 'Microdisney'. Still Finbarr's photo can be seen in Northside Story - so I'm not feeling too bad about the mix up! Oh - the prize will most certainly be played - that is what vinyl is for after all and my twelve inch U23 is playing as well as ever: you really can't beat a good twelve inch pressing And the e-booklet is great to have: thanks for taking the time to put it together; and to everyone for the great stories!
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