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  1. Hello. I have a GA ticket for tonight which I bought through U2.com in the pre-sale. I’ve decided to sit - I’m too old - and thus am selling my GA ticket at face value. Could a moderator / someone who knows confirm that the person buying the ticket will get in ok? I want to be 100% certain that all will be well. TVM
  2. Hello. Toying with buying VIP Party Tickets for Dublin 1 as it will be a (small) landmark show for me. The tickets are GA - is there a 'special' area for these tickets? Has anyone had experience of these packages please? TVM
  3. Thanks for the feedback. As I sit here now I’m going to pitch up at about 430pm, wave my SuperFan Tickets & hope to be, somehow, ‘down the front’. But just feel lucky to be there as a long time fan.
  4. Hi All. I got SuperFan tix which is great. The tix can now be printed & say Gates are at 5pm. Previously as others have noted you had to go & get a wristband & be a Traf Sq by 3pm. That isn’t on the ticket / info anywhere so far as I can see. Does anyone know if that still is the case or can I rock up at 5pm & gain a decent spot? Thanks v much (ps I’m London postcode). Cheers. Paul
  5. Hi there. Could someone please clarify something for me. I'm a long term subscriber and will renew my current membership which expires in February. I'm also going to order the Deluxe version of SOE through U2.com. I want access to the European shows pre-sale. Do I understand right that I will receive pre-sale access by being a U2.com subscriber & I will also get access to the next their down pre-sale by buying the album? Thus I can buy 4 tickets? Thank you. Paul
  6. Hi there - does anyone know the answer to this please? - I used my RedHill pre sale code for tickets to London & Dublin. My subscription is up in Feb. If I renew my subscription now will I get a new code and can thus buy tickets in the pre safe for London 2? I'm guessing no but just checking....Thanks, Paul
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