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  1. Yep, same issue streaming through the app on my phone. I've mostly powered through. It's a shame, because I otherwise like what they did. I think it's supposed to end tonight though, so likely won't be corrected. Should do a longer, corrected version with even more material. There's so much ground to cover, but I feel like I keep hearing the same stuff over and over.
  2. Yeah, selecting your seats for any show with high demand almost never works. In the few instances where I've had the option to select seats in these types of cases, it almost never works.
  3. Not really shocked at this point, but get the frustration. Tickets for the past couple tours were similarly priced. The closer you get to the stage the more expensive the tickets. I got lower bowl tickets for MSG this time around for about $100 a piece (after all the stupid fees), which is more or less what I paid for similar seats on the Innocence tour. I paid $150 a piece for JT tix for what I would consider to be OK seats. Tickets anywhere near the stage were around $300 a piece...
  4. I feel for you and hope you get tickets. I know that social media presence is a factor to get Taylor Swift tickets who is also using the Verified Fan thing. As far as I know social media has zero to do with the process for U2. I have zero social media presence and I got an experience code.
  5. Typically for Flash Seats, you can present your CC at the time of entry, they swipe it and print out your seat vouchers. At least, that's how it works by me. The one advantage to having an online account is that if you lose you're card, stolen, etc you can switch out the card for entry to a new one online.
  6. I don't disagree - just stating the facts as I'm watching them play out. I count myself lucky that I got a code, but think everyone who paid for the membership deserved one. I'm hoping they do right by folks left out (and not just by refunding subs).
  7. Yeah, I was hyper paranoid about the setup and thankfully stumbled across the fact that I hadn't actually been verified yet. Once you do that, you should get an email stating that you have successfully been verified from Ticketmaster. Then yes, you should get an additional email tonight telling you whether or not you were selected to join the presale tomorrow. Good luck!
  8. If you didn't get the email, you're not verified yet. I think, if I recall correctly, there should be a link or info on your account page. If not there, try your Ticketmaster account.
  9. I got through pretty easily as well, and suspect part of that had to do with the whole code fiasco other people have been posting about. Arena tickets have always been harder to get for me than the stadium shows and I was in and out in less than a couple minutes this time. Less people in the pipeline means an easier time for those who are in. Sucks for those folks who didn't get in - I stress every time pre-sales start, so I can only imagine I'd be freaking out if I didn't get a code or at least the chance to get tickets. Hoping they find some way to make it right for folks who've been longtime members (and not just by offering refunds),
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