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  1. Good to know....I got seats in 213, and I was quite happy with them until I read this....hopefully it works out.
  2. I used my phone and the TM app for the entire process, and actually took my time & didn't freak out. The app refreshed right at 10 am CST, and I spent 5-7 minutes going back & forth between price options just to see if better seats popped up after the initial rush (they didn't really - I was able to refresh to get on Edge's "side" instead of Adam's. My main gripe is that the most expensive seats went all the way up through the nosebleeds. Basically if you're not GA and you want seats in the middle, plan on paying at least $325.00 a pop. I opted for the $171.00 version and wound
  3. The TM app actually worked better for me. I kept refreshing my chrome browser and it didn't let me in until I had been in the TM app for almost 10 minutes. It was super smooth for me, and I got seats that I can be happy with - my only complaint is that the $325.00 level tickets go all the way up through the nosebleeds center section. I was hoping to go higher but still be center, but no luck. As it stands I'm club level right in front of the Edge's side of the stage, so I"ll take that.
  4. Honestly, after looking at options on seatgeek, if you're on the sides, there's really not a bad view, even in the top sections.
  5. I've been trying to sort that out myself. I'm assuming that the entire lower bowl is going to be $325, with maybe some at the back (where you can't see the screens) a little lower. I'm hoping club level is a little more affordable.
  6. I just ran across this on the Ticketmaster site for the Nashville show...I wonder if the limits are different for each venue? The innocence & experience groups should fall into the "verified fan presales," I would think? Any thoughts? Date Sat 5/26/18 @ 8 pm Venue Bridgestone Arena Nashville, TN Ticket limits There is a 2 ticket limit for the Fan Club Presales. There is a 4 ticket limit for the Citi Presales. There is a 4 ticket limit for the Verified Fan Onsales. There is an eight ticket limit for the public onsale.
  7. If you didn't use all of your allowable tickets for JT, do they roll over to EI? I got 3 tickets for JT in Miami, but we were allowed 4 total. Would I be able to buy 3 tickets tomorrow during the presale, or would I have to stick with 2? We were going to take our son to the EI show, so that's really going to screw things up if we can only buy 2.
  8. Yep, we're planning on driving up from Memphis that morning and going. We're considering bringing our 8 year old, who we took to the JT in Miami for his first show, but after looking at these ticket prices, I'm wondering if we need to rethink that...
  9. I'm taking my 7 year old, but we have seats - I don't know if GA has an age limit, however.
  10. if you paid $45.00 for the facility fee, you're in the club section - I called the box office at the stadium to see what "extras" that gets you and it's basically "better" (more expensive) food and more legroom. However, supposedly unless you have a club level ticket, you won't be allowed in that section, so lines won't be as long up there. I'm irritated with the fees, but since I was buying a seat I would have been spending around $25.00 for the other facility fee anyway.
  11. *UPDATE* I was able to get someone from the box office on the phone, and they told me that the higher club level fee basically gets you a little more leg room, and better (read: more expensive) food options. However, it is closed off, so it'll be less crowded, which is fine by me, since we're bringing our 7 year old with us for his first show.
  12. I bought the $155.00 level tickets, and was bumped into section 221 after dealing with Ticketmaster issues first thing this morning. After going through the process, I saw the breakdown of the charges and there is a $45.00 "facility fee" that is not on any of the other tickets - does this get you anything extra, i.e. separate entrance, "club level" type service, etc? I tried calling Hard Rock Stadium & the box office number the Dolphins rep gave me is offline/busy. I see that there are now lower level seats right below where we are, so if I can save some $$ and move down, I'll do
  13. Was that the fees for all 3 together, or per ticket?? Per ticket. $26.50 service fee x 3, then $45.00 "facility charge" x 3. It's just unreal - hopefully someone knows whether or not there's some kind of perk involved with it for that. If I had gone with the $280.00 tix after fees they might have cost more than my entire flight & hotel package for my family to get there!!
  14. I'm hoping there's something extra with it, because I bought 3 tickets in the $155 range, and since it put me in section 221 (club level) there were SEVENTY-FIVE DOLLARS worth of fees - facility fees, etc. Ridiculous!
  15. I would NOT suggest Bonnaroo for a younger kid. I'm in Memphis, TN, and we're discussing taking our 7 year old this time to Chicago or Miami (making a trip out of it, and I think we'd have more fun in a bigger city than in Tampa). I was looking at Red Zone since it's a little less crazy, but if I'm spending that much, I'll just buy a reserved seat.
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